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Lamenting Disney’s New Queen

As I consider Disney’s new depiction of femininity in Captain Marvel, I cannot help but mourn. How far we’ve come since the days when we sought to protect and cherish our women.

The great drumroll of the previous Avenger movies led to this: a woman protecting men and saving the world. The mightiest of all the Avengers — indeed, after whom they are named — is the armed princess turned feminist queen, who comes down from the tower to do what Prince Charming could not.

Am I nitpicking? It is a movie after all. I wish it were. Instead of engaging the movie’s ideology as mere fiction, a fun escape to another world, we have allowed it to bear deadly fruit on earth. Along with Disney, we abandon the traditional princess vibe, and seek to empower little girls everywhere to be strong like men. Cinderella trades her glass slipper for combat boots; Belle, her books for a bazooka. Does the insanity bother us anymore?

She Will Not Be Appeased

The ideology that sends Brie Larson soaring fictionally around outer space has sent our real daughters, mothers, and sisters — devoid of such superpowers — to war to serve and die in place of men. Real wars, the kind where “horribly smashed men still [move] like half-crushed beetles” (Surprised by Joy, 240). Real wars, the kind C.S. Lewis elsewhere describes as the amalgamation of every temporal evil.

We ought to lament that feminist lust cannot be appeased, even with blood. It takes its daughters and now, calling men’s bluff, advocates for sending its mothers into the flames.

Unquestionably, men ought support women’s desires to be affirmed, respected, and honored. But indeed, few actions display our resolve to honor our women more than excluding them from the carnage of the battlefield. Where can we more clearly display our ultimate resolve to love our women as queens than to step into hell on earth as sacrificial pawns in their defense? Generation after generation has mobilized its men to be devoured — that its women might not be.

Yet the feminist agenda does not condone this exclusion. It will not be patronized by any messages of “you can’t,” “you won’t,” or “you shouldn’t.” Even when we say, “You can’t go into the lion’s den for us”; “You won’t risk a brutal death to protect us”; “You shouldn’t expose yourself to the bullets bearing our name” — even then, the deprivation still causes offense. But our God, our nature, our love must firmly say, You are too precious, my mother, my daughter, my beloved. It is my glory to die that you may live.

Marvel Indeed

Yes, Marvel may be on the verge of ruining a decade-long movie saga with identity politics. So what? Will we fuss more about this than the government sending our daughters — stripped of photon blasts and the ability to fly — to fight our wars? We used to be attuned enough to know how shameful it is for men to hide behind their women, hoping she will take down Goliath. Have we forgotten how precious our women are? Have we forgotten that it is our glory to die in their place?

God’s story for all eternity consists of a Son who slew a Dragon to save a Bride. Jesus did not put his woman forward, and neither should we. Where Adam failed, Jesus succeeded. He is the Good Shepherd who laid his life down for his people. Even from the cross, God’s wrath crushing him, he saw to the welfare of his mother (John 19:26–27). Should we so cowardly send our women to protect our children and us? Protecting our women with our very lives is not about their competency, but their value.

Greg Morse, Desiring God 15 Comments [3/12/2019 4:03:09 PM]
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The movie was standard marvel fare. Nothing to write home about and not feminist propaganda.

3/12/2019 4:27:41 PM


Captain Marvel is far from the first superpowered woman in pop culture. Perhaps you've heard of Wonder Woman or, going much further back, Athena?

3/12/2019 5:21:17 PM


Princess Leia became General Organa: leader of the Resistance.

If Disney decide to make Elsa real: and - with her cryokinetic powers - a member of the X-Men, I have no problem with that.

A major media corporation does what it likes with their property: more stuff for me to enjoy. Lady Deadpool? Thor given the Rule 63 treatment? Fine by me.

Let it go.

3/12/2019 5:56:15 PM


Never heard of Boadicea? What about Joan of Arc? Female Nurses voluntarily went to war without weapons and died from enemy fire. Milunka Savic? The women in the underground of probably all wars? I could go on...

And if you are playing the fiction game, how about the Amazons, or Xena and Gabrielle, or Tank Girl, or Lara Croft, or as already mentioned Wonder Woman. Tank Girl? Within Marvel (comics) and the MCU, we already have Jean Gray, Black Widow, Wanda Maximoff, Gamora, Emma Frost, Storm and many more.

You fail history and you fail fiction. On further thought, you just fail.


3/12/2019 6:34:51 PM


Cinderella trades her glass slippers for combat boots

I rather like that - think I'll put it in a song.

3/12/2019 7:51:54 PM


Oh, grow up. You're too old for comic-hero fantasies anyway, so stop dreaming about rescuing damsels in distress. Brave man in your own dreams, but too scared to deal with the reality of competent adult women...

3/12/2019 8:11:31 PM

K'Zad Bhat

And I still don't get why Captain Marvel's gender is really relevant. I can see why it's important to some characters' stories, but they didn't get gender swapped, so it doesn't matter. Captain Marvel never needed to be a man or a woman. It's not like Captain Marvel in the comics beat his enemies with his dick.

And looking this up relieved me a bit of confusion, I'd thought Captain Marvel was DC Comics. Turns out they both had a Captain Marvel, and DC's is now Shazam.

3/12/2019 10:47:24 PM


Making a demographic heavily-restricted second-bananas is not cherishing them! If you truly cherished them, you would respect them as equals and partners and let them be autonomous.

Frankly; A beautiful woman who's strong, fierce, intelligent and can kick butt is a billion times hotter than a beautiful woman who's a submissive helpless pantywaist.

May Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman body slam you forever!

Oh; Even your Bible has strong awesome women like Deborah, Jael, Esther, Judith (Deutercanonical, but still counts) and others.

Everyone else mentioned gals like Boudicca (she may have lost in the end but she still gave the Romans a real run for their money and destroyed them in several battles) and the rest.

And; While Indian society tends to be ludicrously misogynist, their biggest Religious tradition, Hinduism, declared the Feminine principle as POWER ITSELF! In Dharmic traditions, the Feminine is the Active principle and Durga-Kalika is all-powerful. The Male is a powerless corpse without the Female....

....Don't mess with Shakti, little guy! RESPECT HER AND HONOR HER!

This is why I now re-affirm my spiritual path as ShaktaPagan....because Shaktism is awesome! Male & Female are 100% equal yet Male is nothing without Female. Without Female, Male morphs into a disgusting freak-show called "Toxic Masculinity" and "Machismo". Balance is key and Patriarchy is stupid.

3/12/2019 11:10:16 PM


Roza Chanina has an argument in the form of a bullet for him.
Women have fought for millenia. Get over your lack of masculinity. A strong woman does not threaten one's masculinity, unless one is not so certain of one's masculinity.

3/13/2019 2:59:13 AM

Did you get bet up by a girl?

3/13/2019 4:02:53 AM


In Soviet Arendelle...:

...women protect you.

3/13/2019 5:32:13 AM


Oh my, I wonder how dear Stan Lee would react to such a tarnishing on his beliefs and messages he conveyedin Marvel. Surely rolling in his grave over the SJW behaviour-

Oh wait...


(I cannot upload actual pictures on here to show the rant)

3/13/2019 5:53:20 AM


"Have we forgotten how precious our women are? Have we forgotten that it is our glory to die in their place?"

Dude, our sons are precious, too.
Dying is not glorious. Dying sucks. Sons or daughters going off to die is suboptimal. But sometimes the alternative is less appealing.

So, we send our own blood and flesh off to war.
There's more glory to be had by bringing them back than by them dying over there.

And by the way, I was enlisted. This talk about the glory of dying in their place makes me suspect you were never in the service.

3/13/2019 5:57:17 AM


Oh, FFS! There was NEVER a time in history when women were cherished and protected! Ok, a few upper class women, who followed all the rules were allowed to live in gilded cages. The vast majority of women were doing heavy work, either in the fields or in the home. Before the middle of the 20th century, laundry was hot, heavy and even dangerous work. For that matter, so was cooking. Women were often enslaved or raped as a result of war. Women without the "protection" of a wealthy father, or other male guardian were sexually exploited. Women were forced into prostitution for varying lengths of time. Women were raped an enslaved as a result of war. What about this says protected and cherished?

3/13/2019 7:05:43 AM


I'm surprised nobody here brought up Mulan. It's not exactly new or obscure...

3/15/2019 10:38:53 AM

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