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(Context: Regarding Brett Kavanaugh)

1. Regrettably, the present circumstances require a GOP dance. Unless the red state Dems flip, they have to hold every vote to confirm Kavanaugh. The RINOs and others in tight election races have to at least give lip service to their liberal constituents that accusations of this nature are taken seriously. That entails a hearing to give both sides an opportunity to speak.
All of this is of course outrageously stupid. The facts show that this is CLEARLY a political hit, and the GOP, in a perfect world, should state so and confirm Kavanaugh immediately. Sadly, we have to live in a world where the ideal intersects with reality. So, IF the RINOs intend to vote for Kavanaugh but feel they've got to temporarily play the game, we'll have to live with it.

2. If unproven accusations are now the standard for disqualifying SCOTUS nominees, the GOP should start lining up women against all potential Democratic nominees if and when they occupy the White House.
EDIT: I should add, in case anybody didn't get it, that my tongue is firmly planted in my cheek.

3. Yet, she told her therapist that four males were involved. Her husband now says that the therapist was mistaken! She can't remember when it occurred, or why or how they had gotten together. This is supposed to be "extremely serious," to use Feinstein's faux outrage, yet she sat on it since July, never brought it up when Kavanaugh privately met with her, and of the 1,000 questions the Democrats submitted to Kavanaugh, not one of them mentioned this "extremely serious" allegation. Please.
Even if true, Kavanaugh was a minor who has passed three FBI background checks since becoming an adult. Couple that with the fact that Ford is a left-wing activist, this has all the trappings of fabrication. Moreover, if Kavanaugh was a minor, and no rape occurred, I couldn't care less.

Scalia, Wizbang Blog 3 Comments [11/4/2018 1:15:29 PM]
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Tongue in cheek? They've already tried to line up paid "witnesses" against Mueller. And you laugh at people who take accusations of attempted rape seriously. ("I couldn't care less.")

Lemme explain what accusations are. They are things that need to addressed by a proper investigation. When you deny it and cover it up and force things through without that investigation, we are right to suspect your motives.

11/4/2018 1:35:48 PM


The GOP didn't even care to stop and investigate when it came to light, till the Democrats raised a fuss. Trump even had other candidates on his shortlist and he/the party could've just dropped Kauvanaugh and went with soneone else!!!!!

>Happened when he was a minor

He was 17 and got drunk and tried to rape a girl. If he had tried to murder soneone, he could be tried as an adult in sone states.

Your attitude is why we have #MeToo and Wonens' March. You don't give a damn about women so we're going to keep standing up and yelling to make sure we're heard.

11/5/2018 1:42:04 PM


What Todd Akin said in 2012. It ultimately did for Mitt 'Magic Pants' Romney.

What Berk Krapenough did. If the women of those Red states do in just over 24 hours as I'm typing this (GMT) and rape the GOP electorally, I couldn't care less.

It'll ultimately do for Donald Fart.

If the good people of Alabama can make the reddest of Red states turn Blue around this time last year, then you know nothing's impossible. Texas. Think you can hold that, o GOP?

Wanna Beto on it...?!

Should that state turn Blue, you're fucked. And you'll have the Toxic Masculinity of Berk Krapenough & Donald Fart to thank.

The Democrats will. As Obama did after Akin's example of that which'll hopefully destroy you.

11/5/2018 2:20:19 PM

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