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You do have a reason to believe that, though. He's already told you he wants to. The fact that he's said he won't act on his pathology as long as it's illegal is hardly enough of a safety net to allow him unfettered access to children.?

What, are we living in Minority Report now? Sorry, but the disbelief that someone is capable of resisting their urges isn't enough to warrant 24/7 surveillance and potential removal from their workplace, IMO.

Really, what is it exactly you'd be "reporting" him for, aside from inappropriate discussion in the workplace? Or is that the angle -- get him on that, and use it as an excuse to dismiss the creepy pedophile you don't trust?

I'd be reporting that someone entrusted with taking care of children has said that he'd like to rape them. It's not fucking complicated, You keep the fucking perverts away from the children. Jesus, I can't believe this place sometimes.

Well, I guess you mean reporting to the employer and not the police, since I don't think *wanting* to rape a child is a crime.

So that's all you'd say to the employer? Omitting the part about how he absolutely refuses to act on his desires? And then expecting all work history up to that point to be disregarded, so that the disgusting, creepy pedophile can be thrown on the street where he belongs?

So you're willing to wait around until AFTER he's already raped a baby (a BABY) to decide wether it's dangerous to let someone who says he wants to rape babies take care of babies?

That's how the legal system works. Or should we open up a precrime department and fix the world your way?

Entirely irrelevant, but I was abstracting on the john, and it occurs to me that this kind of workplace interaction wouldn't happen to begin with if the pedophile in question didn't think you'd believe him when he said he refused to act on his desires.

Kind of like if your best friend told you in confidence, "man, your girlfriend is so, so sexy. If you weren't dating her, I'd hit it so hard. Oh god, I'd love to be with her, but while you're dating her, I wouldn't do anything." Do you still trust them to hang out alone?

atomicbadgerrace, The Straight Dope 4 Comments [9/13/2018 4:38:49 PM]
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the disbelief that someone is capable of resisting their urges isn't enough to warrant 24/7 surveillance and potential removal from their workplace

'You gotta ask yourself one question: "Do I feel lucky?" Well, do ya, PUNK?'

9/14/2018 2:11:50 AM

Doubting Thomas

I don't think *wanting* to rape a child is a crime.

It may not be a crime, but it's really best if they didn't work around the source of their temptation where they have easy access. Just like how you wouldn't hire an alcoholic to work in a liquor store. At least with the second scenario, all you're going to lose is a bottle of booze. In the first, a child gets molested or raped and scarred for life.

I mean, FFS, in a day care you're going to be in situations where you'll have to do things like help children go to the bathroom and wipe their butts. You're telling me that you'll trust a pedophile who says he's not going to act on his desires?

9/14/2018 6:40:07 AM


Operation Ore. Scotland Yard - with backup by GCHQ - shares relevant data with the FBI. PROTIP: Just as Bletchley Park broke Enigma in WWII, GCHQ have cracked TOR.

No Tom Cruise Control required.

There's an extremely good reason why 4chan refers to a 'Partyv&': you'd better stay at your window 24/7/365.

Good. That means less kids will be didlled: as nonces like you will be too scared of committing Thoughtcrime.

MAD ensured no more nukes used on people since Hiroshima & Nagasaki. Just the concept, never mind the word 'Deterrents'. They're great like that.

9/14/2018 8:10:38 AM

Wow, this asshole keeps attacking straw men. Who’s saying non-offending pedos should be locked up? Who’s saying they shouldn’t be employed anywhere? Who’s saying they should be forced out onto the streets? All anyone here said is that they shouldn’t be working *with children.*

Incidentally, if my friend was attracted to my girlfriend, I’d still trust *her* to not cheat. Because she is an adult, capable of making her own choices.

But if my friend spoke of women as sex objects he wants to use rather than human beings capable of exercising their own agency, he wouldn’t be my friend anymore. And I’d tell my girlfriend why, so she could make her own choice about whether or not she felt safe around him.

And if a pedo similarly spoke of children as sex objects rather than as human beings, then no, I would not trust him to stay non-offending for much longer!

9/14/2018 8:09:06 PM

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