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What if I said nothing and he ended up screwing the neighbour's three-year old, in spite of his protestations that he would do no such thing? I'd rather have his ostracisation on my conscience than that.

I'd rather respect his right to privacy than play "what if?" games. Ruining someone's reputation/socially ostracizing them/putting myself in the line of fire for potential slander or harassment lawsuits isn't something I want on my conscience.

I encourage you to consider the question posed by others in this thread: where do you draw the line with hypotheticals?

he has told you that he would like to fuck children. That isn't speculation. You're saying that if you worked at a job in which you were responsible for working with young children, and a coworker told you he wished he could have sx with them, you wopuld not think that was any cause for alarm or anything worth reporting to your employer? Becaus if that's the acse, then you should be fired too.

Maybe, but I'm not employed by the Mind Police, and I won't risk ruining someone's reputation, or inciting potential harassment or finger-pointing, over what they wish was legal without the intent to commit a crime.

atomicbadgerrace, The Straight Dope 2 Comments [9/13/2018 2:30:26 PM]
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Doubting Thomas

You don't have to be the Mind Police to understand that someone who says they want to fuck children is likely to end up fucking children. FFS...

9/14/2018 7:00:44 AM


Someone at a certain branch of PC World policed his own mind when he decided to check out the HD of a laptop that'd been brought there to be repaired.

If you know anything about that, you'll know that the rest is history.

As is the career of one Gary Glitter: indeed, his life, as the only way he'll be leaving prison is in a box.

Wouldn't surprise me if that computer engineer is the manager of that branch of PC World by now. Because in Soviet Britain, Big Brother is you.

9/14/2018 7:59:49 AM

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