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Camillo, bonobo alpha male in the DRC, fathered 60% of the babies in his community

The blackpill literally transcends species. How can anyone not see the obvious conclusion that our current liberal culture on sexuality is leading us exactly to this.


Can’t deny that this is at the heart of evolved human sexuality. Only one man is needed to impregnate every woman in the village. Why would any woman want anyone but the most alpha?

Yeah mud hut level technology is pretty awesome. Fuck going to space and shit. Thank god for low-IQ alphas amirite?

He's not saying it's right he's just explaining how "alpha fucks beta bucks" works which normies deny.

Normies deny it today because they are still mentally living in the Victorian era of M'Lady fedora tipping. They refuse to acknowledge that their feminist horseshit is only making alphafux betabux more of a reality with each passing day. AFBB would have been socially unthinkable a few centuries ago, because that would imply descent into primitive behavior again.

Female sexuality is primitive and unless you shame and control female sexuality, we'll be back in the Stone Age again.

High IQ. Even sociologists have noted that non-mongomous societies are always more primitive and tribal than societies with strict socially enforced mongomy. We will slip back into mud hut tier society of we don't control female sexuality soon.


Blue Pill = Bonobo society = Matriarchy = Chad wins every time = Primitive stone age eat and fuck all day while 90% LDAR

Black Pill = Chimp society = Patriarchy = even lower ranked guys get action and it is in the interest of higher ranked guys to make sure lower ranked guys get action = We colonizing space and shit

Here, this completely proves my point that patriarchal Chimp society is far superior while bonobos remain primitive:

Chimps have entered the stone age in tool technology. BONOBOS HAVE NOT.

Wonder why the rest of the bonobo-cels haven't teamed up and revolted against the few in charge.

They usually do.

It's an ongoing game of politics where the betas will band together to overthrow the alpha.

The problem is that once they win, another man becomes the alpha and the cycle starts all over again.

Basically lesser apes spend all their time fighting each other for the distribution of sex,so nothing outside of eating, fucking and fighting gets done.

Hominids used to be like this but differentiate their selves through pair bonding. For modern humans, eventually all the males agreed upon a system of social stratification where every guy can get some woman, while the guy at the top gets slightly more women. This happened around the same time as agriculture.

Once men stopped fighting and competing for access to sex, they had free time and energy to focus on other things, like developing society, technology and religion.

Pair bonding results in civilization, pussy chasing the top 20% results in the collapse of society. Enjoy the decline, it's so over

some incels, r/Braincels 9 Comments [9/13/2018 2:18:47 PM]
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Incels discussing trivia about ANOTHER SPECIES as if that had some relevance to humans...
...and then the whole bunch of them climbed a tree and went swinging into the forest.

9/13/2018 10:10:29 PM


Yeah you guys start throwing your poop at other people in the street and then we shall talk about how far behaving like a fucking chimp gets ya.

9/14/2018 12:22:44 AM


The qualities of the species are not the only elements triggering technological progress. Environment does as well, and it's therefore impossible to speculate upon a Chimp superiority over bonobos.

9/14/2018 3:29:13 AM


You know that in other animal species it's really, really common that only a few males get to mate, right? That's pretty much how evolution works.

Face it, you incels are evolutionary losers.

9/14/2018 4:20:54 AM

Doubting Thomas

Something that happens with monkeys =/= something that happens in human society

9/14/2018 7:43:11 AM


Victorian era of M'Lady fedora tipping

Fedora hats didn't exist in the Victorian Era.

You manbabies educationally lose, never mind in an evolutionary way.

9/15/2018 12:25:34 PM

Citizen Justin

When Kirsty's out with her friends and she sees her old schoolmate Sarah in the street with her own friends, do Kirsty and Sarah suspiciously eye each other up for a moment and then go over and rub their privates together while both groups of friends watch?

When Bob gets his promotion and Dave doesn't, despite Dave thinking it should have been him, do Bob and Dave resolve the awkward situation by exchanging blow jobs on the office floor?

No in both cases because despite being bonobos' closest relative, humans still aren't bonobos.

9/15/2018 2:40:25 PM


pussy chasing the top 20% results in the collapse of society. Enjoy the decline, it's so over

Well, for one orang-utan that is part of the '1%', pussy chasing will result in the collapse of Alt-Shite society.

Enjoy the post-November midterms, it's so over for these betas who worship their alpha male. >:D

9/16/2018 8:21:00 AM



9/17/2018 9:59:09 PM

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