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Does anyone else feel sad for women who are trying to be male?

I went in AskTG and there's a few FtM posts that just make me so sad. I hated being female from 11-14 fuck actually I only started liking being a woman after discovering this sub and radical feminism. Around 11 I went through a phase where I told people call me by a boy's name and cut off my hair. I got mad when boys my age called me male though (they were dicks though).

I feel like so many of these girls describe the powerlessness all women feel. All women want to be treated as male. All women hate being female (the way society treats us, period issues, dealing with doctors) so I really feel for FtM who describe wanting to be male. It's just really really sad that society has beaten so many of us down to the point we can't even identify with our own bodies.

It sucks that FtM feel like they can't come to our sub cause we're hateful in their minds.

Could we make a stickied post directly for FtM? Basically saying what GC women stand for, what radical feminism is, maybe something supportive? I like that this sub is combative and does encourage discussion (arguments) but maybe in the stickied post we can avoid posts saying they should fight for women's rights instead of dipping out of the gender.

Idk. It just made me sad because I understand FtM and many don't see that we do. Thoughts?

I mean, as an infertile woman with menstrual issues, I can understand how a uterus feels like a timebomb. As a trauma survivor, I understand the desire to be invisible and walk unmolested by even the male gaze.

But as a spiritual feminist, no, that's where I get lost. Because some here might think it ridiculous or magical thinking or reinforcing the ladyfeels, but I am a creature tied to the moon, to the ebb and flow of the tides, who can read energy, and that is absolutely biological and not my social conditioning. I see SO many TIMs trying to colonize witchcraft and it urks me, because I know they cannot feel how we know why the moon goes dark and full. To be a woman is to know mystery. Anyone on birth control is somewhat divorced from this experience.

I also don't understand the TIFs obsessions to be gay men. It's wierd af to me, to be appropriating their culture and it's like the TIFs want to be simultaneously liked for being campy and attractive, but hold on to that sassybitchcard and avoid the confrontation of being an assertive female. Gay mens' obsession with appearance is just as shallow as a woman obsessed with makeup and clothes. They're just conscripted for assumed consensual anal.

I'm trying to be as understanding as I can, but I don't understand people who try to make fantasy reality. We ALL live with limitations and weaknesses. Some people view that as a challenge to overcome them, some embrace them as a Christian duty to bear, some ignore them to their detriment. The overwhelming amount of trans folks obsessed with porn and anime says they are people detached from universal human emotion.

PynkPussyDiet & ChewMyMeatForYou, r/GenderCritical 4 Comments [9/10/2018 3:52:17 PM]
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Sadly, your sympathy and understanding are misplaced, seeing how they're tainted by projection and ignorance (or possibly rejection of some aspects of modern psychology and/or medicine as patriarchal nonsense). For example, the most likely reason why you rejected the idea of womanhood when you were a tween was because your desire to escape oppression felt more important than embracing your identity as female. For transmen, escaping oppression is a secondary motivation at most, and their "identity as female" is something they never wanted in the first place.

I don't understand people who try to make fantasy reality.

Taken out of context, this is just sad. Taken in context, they're basically saying that some limitations are immutable (or at least one should just live with them and not attempt to overcome them because God or natural law or whatever) and should remain fantasies, while others are okay to tackle. This is an understandable if questionable attitude... but if you intend to forcefully draw the lines for other people who don't face the same issues and challenges as you, then that is the height of either bigotry or arrogance, depending on your motivations for doing it.

[Edit] The second paragraph needs to be worded better, but I'm not sure how to do so without being overly wordy. Taken literally, it suggests that it's (for example) questionable to draw lines against other people indulging in their serial killer fantasies, which is not what I meant at all.

9/10/2018 8:10:03 PM



9/11/2018 3:16:18 AM

Citizen Justin

I am male but I very much doubt that all or even most women hate being female. They might hate having periods and being patronised.

Describing F2M transsexuals as "women who are trying to be male" won't get you any transsexual fans!

"creature tied to the moon" was funny.

9/11/2018 4:04:18 PM

umm im pretty sure everyone knows why the moon gofull or dark. its called "phases" and we know these are caused by the position of the moon in relation to the sun, which then causes the sun to reflect off the moon, which is the moonlight we see on earth.

is it weird how out of all this nonsense, that line was the one that really rubbed me as the dumbest part?

9/11/2018 9:21:37 PM

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