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The best thing that could happen is for mR Obama to lash out and talk wild, as that will solify and ralley the reublicans to make sure crazy dems kept out of office!

Yeshua1, Baptistboard 11 Comments [9/12/2018 1:42:59 AM]
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Grey Rook

Fortunately, Mister Obama seems to be far too composed and competent at his craft to do such a thing. Which is a good thing considering how utterly deranged the Republican Party of America has become.

9/12/2018 3:45:40 AM


No, no, no, to solidify the Republicans, you need calm rhetoric.
Lard solidifies as it cools, not heats up.

9/12/2018 4:36:48 AM

Doubting Thomas

Too bad that's never been Obama's style, unlike the current idiot who occupies the White House. Which is why you're going to experience a huge blue wave come November. The House is pretty much a sure thing, but they're even talking about Republicans losing the Senate.

9/12/2018 6:08:25 AM


We really need to reform our education system.

9/12/2018 6:22:50 AM

Dr. Razark

It's no longer called lashing out and talking wild.

It's now called "acting presidential".

Fortunately, Obama is above throwing tantrums like a certain other person.

9/12/2018 6:26:49 AM

Jeez fuck.
You guys obstructed Obama, just because he was Obama, for 8 years. You had no plans of your own, just 'fight Obama!' bumper stickers.

NOW, you want Obama to make enough noise to unite you against him, again.

All you guys really HAVE is hating on Obama, don't you?

9/12/2018 6:27:00 AM


You were ralley solified when you wrote this, weren't you.

9/12/2018 7:18:50 AM


...but he hasn't.

The Democrats are happy to disappoint you: as your own 'Emprah's lashing out & wild talk solidify and rally them to make sure the Repubicans are kept out of office, and you kept crazy!

...oh yes, that's right: I spelled 'Republicans' wrong.

Or did I...?!


All you guys really HAVE is hating on Obama, don't you?

When that's all the Alt-Shite - such as this illiterate moron - have left: by trying to rile him of all people, then they know they have problems. They're scared, and they know that time is short. Their blood is already in the water: and we're circling.

Now. November. Tick-tock, tick-tock. >:D

9/12/2018 7:56:32 AM


They would love for Obama to snap. For him to go off on Trump. Yet it won't happen. Obama actually has self worth he actually cares about how he presents himself. He actually presents himself in a presidential manner. That is what pisses them off so much. Even when he speaks up against Trump he does so with more respect then they have ever shown him.

9/12/2018 3:17:35 PM


Nothing makes you point better than complete failures in spelling and grammar, really makes me think you know exactly what you are talking about.

9/13/2018 4:54:30 AM


Instead you have Pres. Orange Clown lashing out and talking wild. Will that "solify and ralley the republicans"?

It's not the "dems" that are crazy, Yeshy, it's the poor people voting for Repubs, who only care for the super-ultra-duper rich, that are the crazy ones.

When the rich get richer, nothing will ever trickle down to you. The glass of the super-ultra-duper rich will only get larger and larger. First it was the 1 percent, now it's the 0,1 percent...

9/13/2018 7:07:58 AM

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