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August 22 marks one year since the release of Canada in Decay: Mass Immigration, and the Ethnocide of Euro-Canadians. I thought this book would have an impact in the long run as the first scholarly effort to explain the nature and origins of multiculturalism from a truly critical perspective, without kowtowing to the banks, politicians, and conformist academics. I expected malicious attacks from the establishment for daring to expose the incessant lies that sustain immigrant multiculturalism and for speaking in favor of a Canada that retains a healthy white majority. What I did not anticipate was a consistent number 1 ranking at Amazon.ca in various subjects the moment the book was released last August.

I am somewhat surprised the establishment decided to ignore the book rather than attack it. I was interviewed four times about it, two times by CBC radio, one time by a university student paper, and by Walrus magazine. They all decided against publishing/broadcasting the interviews. Perhaps I sounded too reasonable, persuasive, and fair-minded, in defending the rights of Euro-Canadians to engage in identity politics. They could not fit me into their simple minded boxes. They could not paint me as an irrational xenophobe, a person who did not know Canada's immigration history, or a person with fascistic tendencies.

They could not counter my claims i) that Canada was founded by white settlers rather than diverse immigrants, ii) that the theory of multiculturalism is bedevilled by a double standard in promoting the collective right of minorities to affirm themselves as members of ethno-cultural groups while insisting that Euro-Canadians who speak as members of an ethno-collective group are racist. They could not explain why it is illiberal to criticize diversity but it is liberal to prohibit criticism of diversity. They could not explain why Canada is uniquely multicultural when almost every other Western nation has embraced this same ideology. This is why they censored these interviews.

But the reason I am writing about Canada in Decay is that I want to encourage patriotic Canadians to purchase it. This book is a serious scholarly study, not a political pamphlet. A few readers have complained about this. They wanted a shorter, no more than a 100 page statement. They are wrong. I can't stress enough how crucial it is for our side to have a fully developed criticism of immigrant multiculturalism steeped in historical analysis, political theory, sociology and philosophical reflection. The academic books promoting multiculturalism number in the thousands located in shelves across all Canadian universities. Many of these books are crappy, written by conformists with a poor education. But they are massively influential in being the only sources students are compelled to read. Whether we like it or not, full length books and journal articles have afforded leftists with a smug satisfaction that their ideas are legitimately based on "peer review research" whereas our ideas are simple outbursts from deplorables.

The left controls the production of knowledge, all the universities, the printing presses, magazines, newspapers, political parties, corporate media, think tanks — everything. They feel assured mocking our ideas when no one in academia promotes them. Our side has a lot of mass support, some of which is starting to be heard, with quite a few blogs. But if we are going to mount a sustained opposition, reverse decades of multicultural propaganda, and all the damage done to Canada, we need high level intellectual products. No social movement has ever gained political power without an intellectual foundation, without fully developed arguments against the establishment.

Therefore, since Canada in Decay is the only fully developed argument against an establishment determined to marginalize Euro-Canadians, I urge you to purchase this book as a metapolitical act. The longer the book stays as a best seller, the more it will be purchased, the more its ideas will spread, and the stronger we will become. We must totally undermine the deceitful ideological foundations of immigrant multiculturalism.

Ricardo Duchesne , Eurocanadian  8 Comments [8/22/2018 1:26:29 PM]
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Nobody aired the interviews because it took them about thirty seconds of conversation to realize that you are a racist as well as merely a kook. It's too late to make an all-white Canada. It wasn't an all-white country when you arrived. If you want to make an argument for the old-timers having a right to shut the door on newcomers, let's discuss it with the native population, shall we?

8/22/2018 3:41:41 PM


(Warning, this nearly became a full essay because there was so much to examine, so the following has gotten pretty long.)

I have to admit, getting really freaking tired of the following racist statements (in general):

- Multiculturalism is evil and has damaged our country!
Never really shown, but of course believed by quite a few people. Ironically every example they give is often based on crimes of one or the other minority which they themselves specifically isolate, meaning that they decry multiculturalism for causing parallel societies while actually turning away from multiculturalism has caused these problems to begin with.
- Racialism is totally based in science!
It definitely isn't. Human genetic differences are ridiculously small, the differences between "races" on average is smaller than the differences between individuals within them (making for poor categories), race has no predictive power when it comes to the individual aside from the most superficial aspects and so on and so on.
- White people/Ethnicity that is actually in the majority are marginalized!
Typical conspiracy nonsense, affirmative action for example might have its flaws, but without it the marginalization of non-majority-ethnicity people would have continued in this context. Compare this to the fundamentalist outcries of "Christians being persecuted".
- The left controls everything (I don't like because it doesn't share my opinion)!
A variation of the common "Everything I hate is the same" nonsense. Simply dumb and dangerous if someone like the orange idiot in the WH spouts it to undermine freedom of the press. Notice the "surprise" of this bonehead for the book not actually being attacked by his presumed enemies. Like every fanatic idiot ever, instead of using Ockham's razor and coming to the conclusion that perhaps they aren't his enemies he deduces that he is a genius that they decided to silence by ignoring him.
- There is actually a silent majority that shares our worldviews!
First of: That's a contradiction typical of ur-fascist thought. You have to have a strong enemy (the media, the immigrants etc) and you must make them out to be extremely threatening, but at the same time state that in the end, your group will prevail because of this apparent majority/strength/etc. Mostly causes such fascists to lose against any enemies since they themselves get confused on how strong they actually are. Second: Hopefully and probably not. While racist tendencies are regrettably on the rise, the trend goes towards opening up to other etnicities and people, not because of "liberal brainwashing" or the like, but because once you get to know people who are different to you, you nearly always learn that their differences are not as threatening as you thought. Racist and homophobic thought mostly prevail in countries which already have laws forbidding both immigration and/or homosexuality. And those are often also countries in which the press is heavily controlled by their governments. Just saying.

Now to the few specific things he claims:
- Canada was founded by white settlers rather than diverse immigrants.
True, but as we've established, racial definitions based on skin color aren't actually scientifically accurate, or helpful in understanding history (when it comes to anything BUT racism). This guy believes all europeans to be one culture, which is laughable by itself, so we can safely disregard this notion.
-The theory of multiculturalism is bedevilled by a double standard in promoting the collective right of minorities to affirm themselves as members of ethno-cultural groups while insisting that Euro-Canadians who speak as members of an ethno-collective group are racist.
Wow, ok, this is quite the mouthful. So if I understand correctly he thinks that "being Canadian" is equal to being part of an ethnic group. That's very debatable in itself. And then he calls it a "double standard" that while minorities can state that they are canadian, "euro-canadians" (like himself) can't state that they are actually *insert racial slur here*. Truly I wonder why someone didn't want to publish that interview. Also his pretentious use of scientific language here reeks of the Dunning-Kruger effect. But that's just my opinion.
- They could not explain why it is illiberal to criticize diversity but it is liberal to prohibit criticism of diversity.
Simple: You can't tolerate intolerance, otherwise tolerance will soon be no more. (based on Karl Popper)
- They could not explain why Canada is uniquely multicultural when almost every other Western nation has embraced this same ideology.
Because Canada is a country based on immigration and was therefore never an ethno-state! You gave the answer to this yourself! Of course in his mind all immigrants were "white" and therefore the same ethnicity, so from his (false) standpoint this makes sense.

Wow, Duchesne is really a dolt. I hope his book didn't actually sell so well.

8/22/2018 3:57:17 PM


So, workin socialised medical system(ranked about the 6th in the world if I`m not mistaken), well managed and maintained infrastructure and one of the highest standards of living on this planet is "decay" to you? I happen live in large part around other immigrants and refugees and seeing as assimilation into the mainstream Canadian culture is a huge deal for almost all of us, I find your drivel utterly insulting, fuckhead. You don`t speak for any majority, I know enough folks in this, the most historically conservative province to know that for a fact. Those you do in fact speak for were shown the door with their politics of fear and division and they are not coming back. This place has literally bloomed since NDP took reins from your deluded theocratic racists party, they`ve shown everyone what cooperation and progressive, empathic policies mean for us all and the way they`ve been busy constantly improving our province, I`m not seeing many folks appreciating your racist crap come elections.

8/22/2018 4:26:38 PM


- There is actually a silent majority that shares our worldviews!

And I give it a very short period before they point to the rise of Doug Ford as Ontario Premier to "prove" that this is the case, ignoring that Ford only won because of a backlash against Kathleen Wynne, and a lack of trust in the NDP here due to Bob Rae (he really fucked up the NDP reputation in Ontario for a few generations). But of course, Ontario's bullshit pendulum politics state that since the Liberals "failed", it's time to let the Conservatives try again (despite the fact that we haven't recovered fully from the LAST Conservative Premiers...).

If you know anything about Canadian Conservatives, you know how this will end; with things 100x worse than they were before.

Just as an aside: I did a quick search for this idiot and his book on Google, and here's some interesting stuff:

1) He's a first generation immigrant himself. Born in Puerto Rico.
2) The only places that actually promote his stupid books are alt-right sites. It's likely Breitbart helped push his book to #1 (y'know, just in case you really wanted to talk about "shadow groups"...)
3) Alt-right groups in Canada have been caught using his books as propaganda, of course.
4) He's a fucking University professor. I really can't believe this insanity, but yeah. University of New Brunswick. Despite living in NB, he seems to think he knows a ton about British Columbia.

8/22/2018 5:43:53 PM


Go back to Puerto Rico, (P)Rick Dickcheese.

...what, sounds too... racist?!

Now you know how it feels.

Annihilated argument much...?!

8/22/2018 6:47:01 PM


Check this out: https://thetyee.ca/Culture/2017/09/28/Fascist-Take-on-Canadian-History/

About says it all.

8/22/2018 9:04:33 PM



God, he actually is a professor of historic sociology, making this even more insane. His alt-right connections don't surprise me. Every single professor (regardless of study subject) connected to them has quite the Wikipedia articles in which their ideas are spouted in length without any actual criticism being cited. So either there is none because their ideas are that laughable or someone has an interest in not letting them be criticized. Either way he is definitely one of these few professors who let their own racism get the better over their scientific rigor. It's laughably easy to take apart his arguments by just knowing basic historic and sociological facts. Reminds me of an evolutionary biologist I recently read something about here in Germany who tried to use extremely simplistic evo-psych to "prove" that homosexuality is a mental illness and "unnatural". He still works as a professor as well despite spouting this homophobic nonsense as often as he can. Of course, academic freedom should be uphold, but I definitely expect more from a professor than such half-baked racist/homophobic pamphlets.

8/22/2018 10:13:14 PM


Wait, you're only just NOW deciding you need actual research and intellectualism for your ideas?

8/23/2018 8:23:53 AM

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