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[ on a 14 year old child being forced to marry an 35 year old adult]

To put things in perspective - arranged marriages are worldwide the standard compared to the "free marriage" we nowadays have in western countries.
At least the Chinese, Japanese, Indians, whole Africa have arranged marriages. That's more than half of the world population already.

Even in Finland you don't need to look far back in time when arranged marriages were the standard. That was the thing not longer than about 100 years ago. Marriages were arranged, we still have a remnant of that tradition where the bride's father pays for the costs of weddings.

And when we look at the age of the brides - in Finland (evangelic lutheran church) kids get Confirmation (I hope you know the meaning) at the age of 14 to 15. When you are "Confirmed" you are legally ready for being wedded. 100 years ago it was a standard that marriages were arranged and men married 14-16 year old girls.

That's completely normal.

PS. I vouch for arranged marriages, those marriages statistically work a lot better than these modern "free marriages". A lot less divorcing and happier couples. Your family has a lot better judgment in choosing a partner for you than what you have in 3 promille drunk state at some random bar at 4am in Saturday night. That's where most of relationships start, and it's not a good start for a relationship.

Puupi, MMO Champion 6 Comments [8/9/2018 7:55:54 AM]
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To put things in perspective - fuck you.

8/9/2018 8:14:14 AM


Sure, if you marry out of convenience or business reasons rather than love, you'll have pretty low expectations on the emotional part of your relationship. You'll probably arrange it as having separate lives, more of a Family Company, than Family Union.

People might first MEET in a random bar, but very few get married there. Most people are together for a couple of years, sometimes decades, before they marry, and most people know they like each other's company before they marry.

Finland must be VERY different from Sweden, if all that is true. 50 years ago, when my parents married and were expecting me, many of their older relatives said "Children should not have children", meaning they thought my parents were WAY too young to start a family already. My mom was 22 when I was born, and my dad was two months away from his 22nd birthday.

8/9/2018 8:50:27 AM

Doubting Thomas

Once again, I feel the need to point out how these idiots have to go back 100 years to justify child marriage.

8/9/2018 9:50:00 AM


I'm going to guess that you live in a much more permissive society than I'm used to, or you wouldn't have children of 14 meeting adults of 35 in a bar at 4 am on a Saturday night. Alternatively, you're talking out of your ass.

8/9/2018 11:19:48 AM


Citations needed for this entire frickin post, OP.

8/11/2018 3:31:58 AM

To put it in perspective arranged marriages are outdated and were bad ideas to begin with

8/11/2018 5:07:35 AM

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