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Theresa May is having a Cabinet meeting today. Today's main news headlines are ALL about another " Russian Poisoning". Deflection Management again ! It's all "smoke and mirrors" at EXACTLY THE RIGHT TIME ! Coincidence perhaps ??????

Mr William Paterson , Twitter 4 Comments [7/10/2018 10:37:32 AM]
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Citizen Justin

Theresa May has Cabinet meetings on a regular basis. Because she is the head of the Cabinet. Dur.

7/10/2018 1:58:40 PM


I thought that was a normal everday thing.

7/10/2018 2:11:33 PM


Coincidence perhaps ??????

...that nary 48 hours after Theresa May Not's most vital make-or-break cabinet meeting concerning 'Brexit', her very minister responsible for the success of 'Brexit' - and her most senior minister connected to such: Foreign Secretary - resign?

Considering the hideous political clusterfuck that happened afterwards, seems you need to come out from under that stone, Willie.

Not even a COBRA meeting will save her from when she receives a visit from the 1922 Committee.

7/10/2018 3:56:47 PM


I thought that was a normal everday thing.

Yeah, most world leaders don't get to spend 3/4ths of the day in "Executive Time" (read: watching Fox News for the daily talking points) like the Prez.

7/12/2018 6:38:25 PM

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