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I especially note the verses about sodomites receiving the “due penalty” for their abominations. I note that it was after Stonewall that hiv/aids became an epidemic. I just looked up the year in which "patient zero" was identified. It was post-Stonewall. The sodomite lobby is now claiming that he wasn't "patient zero" for the US/Canada, that that was a useful lie, used to shunt blame onto the Reagan administration and the public for supposedly not caring that it was, at that time (and in truth, mostly ever since) a "gay disease".

The sodomite lobby is now calling for the "right" for high-risk people to give blood. I really do believe that this is their attempt to once again try to "share the misery" (why is this such a common goal of the left, in any issue?), because thanks to certain measures, hiv/aids remains mostly confined to individuals who choose to live high-risk lifestyles, particularly sodomites and intravenous drug users.

mrsmel, Free Republic 0 Comments [7/10/2018 10:02:44 AM]
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