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Re: is the Thailand Cave thing a false Flag??

I'm going with it's a fake story, involving a fake death, to promote a 'real' corporation, which has fake merits.
Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12089920

Exactly. Fake death of a supposed SEAL team member.
If you are going to fake that it's in for a penny, in for a pound and zero credibility all around!

I think since it's a world story that the media is pushing as a "human interest" story with word association of soccer coinciding with the World Cup that these kids were surprisingly not interested in watching apparently to allegedly take a nearly three mile walk down into a hole in the ground that would require another near 3 mile walk back or maybe longer since I have not heard where they were supposedly going or stopping at.

That is a LONG trek to be making after giving your all at a practice or game or whatever reason these guys were together.

It could be related to a World event or a distraction from a world event about to take place with everybody looking elsewhere.

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 2 Comments [7/9/2018 11:44:14 PM]
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At least one of those boys was wearing an England shirt.

All of them got through fine, fortunately.

As will England tomorrow? It's a sign!

You don't know what you're fucking talking about, you tinfoil (ass)hatted retard. Unless you want to get stuck in a flooded cave, STFU.

7/10/2018 7:28:50 AM


A guy on the internet doesn't find it credible that somebody would go for a 6 mile hike.


7/11/2018 3:30:11 PM

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