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Useful idiots, all of them.

If feeding Gay people, illegal immigrants, Blacks, and women through a wood chipper would advance the cause of Socialism, it’s leaders would be all for it.

I happen to believe that Gay people are born that way, and they’re being used as pawns to encourage the hetero population to engage in sick, decadent behavior. Most Gay people I know are quite normal and non-radical. Same sex marriage wasn’t legalized to benefit Gays. It was legalized to encourage bi-sexuality in future generations of heteros.

Anyone still arguing about why Gay people should, or shouldn’t be allowed to get married, has been completely fooled by the Left. It was never about the Gays, it’s about the rest of us. And now some Gays and Lesbians are finally starting to figure it out.

The Fop, Free Republic 0 Comments [7/7/2018 4:12:41 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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