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Mr Bourdain's "wife" was into all kinds of weird, pedo, child-abuse stuff. I've heard her social media is filled with pedophilia symbolism and worse. I've also heard that Mr Bourdain committed suicide because his "pedo" actions were going to be made public.

Similar to Mrs Spade, who was involved with the Clinton Foundation's alleged abuse of children, she committed suicide (or was murdered) because she knew that the truth was going to be revealed. Mrs Spade was hanged with a scarf, which apparently has some sort of symbolic meaning in the "pedo" underworld.

The good new is, that these people are being brought to light and the "pedo" sacrifices/abuses are being ended (and hopefully litigated), after decades of involvement by the elites and global govt. There is VAST evidence that Trump is attacking and ending these demonic activities. God have mercy on us!

Pax Vobis, Cathinfo 0 Comments [7/7/2018 4:12:30 PM]
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