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The privately owned Rothshit federal reserve has caused all the bubbles in our economy. I’m sure a trade war gives them the cover they need to crash us. The federal reserve gives the paper fiat to their friends at tiny to no interest. These happy friends run out and buy the best assets with paper. Now they are the rich 0.01% owning 95% of the world’s resources. The tribe takes care of their own. What do you get? High inflation throughout our lives robbing us of our wealth k a dollar devalued to 4 cents, a climate of low low wages that never keep up, and every debt scam the criminal bankers can dream up. Do you enjoy being raped everyday by a ugly Rothshit banker?

Betty, Infowars 1 Comments [7/4/2018 4:13:43 AM]
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Wow, look at that. If our president manages to crash our economy in one term by starting a trade war, his admirers will just blame the Jews. Banks, I mean. Banks.

I shouldn't be surprised, since they still haven't forgiven illegal immigrants for crashing the economy in 2008.

7/4/2018 7:24:08 AM

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