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Tesco oiks have been hand in hand with the establishment for decades. I agree. They had been planning all along in case the lost the referendum. The lost and the economy actually held and business has improved in many areas. And there are countries waiting to deal with the UK. But the UK establishment has been undermining its own economy in order to blame Brexit. I also notice these are ending the gold colour currency coins and leaving us with the coins that like the worthless fake money called euros. What a coincidence and wonder what is behind it? It was widely known that referendum was for the public to have the final say on EU membership. It was explained that we would leave completely if we voted to leave.

We voted to leave. We could have been out by now in all areas with no sell outs. But the lab/lb/icon suddenly asked to put in thousands of clauses to be included. When the EU rules and the EU did not then even ask for any. Now the MPs and lords think they have the right to sabotage and betray the will of the majority and our majority mandate to leave the EU entirely in all areas and permanently. They betrayal makes it clear they have declared themselves enemies of democracy and set themselves against the majority will of the people. Now the 17.4 million majority who won Betwixt must steel themselves again for the fight and vote UKIP at the next election.

Remember after the referendum UKIP had to deal with certain organised infiltrators, which it has done. And has also has to deal with since the Brexit referendum with what amounts to and establishment and media blackout. I will certainly vote for them. It is no good giving the vote to lab/lib/con traitors or even not voting because if we do no vote that is pointless gesture which the lab/lib/con would welcome.. UKIP are the true opposition to the Brexit betrayal and all that encompasses. It's new lead ere one of its founders.

Byrtnoth, Anglo-Saxon Foundation  1 Comments [7/6/2018 9:08:03 AM]
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That we wouldn't leave the EU, ultimately...?!

Would explain so many things leading to this absolute political clusterfuck nary 24 hours ago.

But one thing's for sure (check one):

[ ] To ensure Theresa May Not stays in No. 10, 'Brexit' has to be diluted to such an extent that it'll effectively be 'Brexit' in name only: and one softer than Jerkoff Pees-Bogg's microdick. Thus all Nige FaRAGE's work will have availed him - and the essentially dead UKRAP - naught.

[ ] To salvage the Tories' terminally damaged 'pride', 48 Brexitard Conservative MPs write to a certain senior Conservative MP: and Theresa May Not gets a visit from the 1922 Committee, who tell her to fuck off. Thus a leadership contest being the least of her problems (and Jerkoff Pees-Bogg has said he'll never run for leader of the Tories: so there's 4chan /pol/'s 'dreams' as dead as FaRAGE's): it'll mean another general election. And - considering the charnel house last year, coupled with their utter annihilation in the local elections a few months ago - not even the ten DUP MPs could save them, thus Queen Elizabeth II asks Jeremy Corbyn to form a government: Labour.

Choose wisely.

I know so many will, should the latter option happen. [/Airbus]

Two years of plans & negotiations obliterated in just two days.

And you voted for your betrayers, OP. [/Turkeys voting for Xmas]

7/9/2018 8:00:34 PM

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