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Another example of David J Stewart’s sexist Protestant fundementalist heresy. He believes that his wife should have stayed with him even after he commited adultry and molested an underage girl.

If you saw my previous posts, here, you know I am a Traditionalist Catholic so you might be asking me about why I am condemning David J Stewart for his views on marriage, given the Catholic Church’s opposition to divorce.

Well the Catholic Church does indeed oppose divorce, but staying married =/= having to live together. If a wife has an abusive husband, she can leave him, take the kids, file a restraining order, and live far away, but still remain married to him. So domestic abuse can still be stopped without divorce.

Jacob Harrison, FSTDT comments 43 Comments [4/14/2018 9:35:53 AM]
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So then that husband can use that marriage as a force of control over his spouse.

4/14/2018 10:42:09 AM


Congratulations, Jerkob: you've gotten yourself quoted.

It was only a matter of time.

Well, you're officially a fundie now. Should go well with your other appellation: Troll. [/Loony4Life]

You're now realising the extremely good reason as to why Self-Mutilation made one appearance here in FSTDT: and one only. Even though he'd been quoted many times previously: up to 2012.

Maybe he had enough self-realisation as to why he learned from his initial mistake: thus he appeared here only once.

But someone who shall remain Clueless doesn't.

Self-Mutilation's one & only appearance in FSTDT was in 2014. Why is it that anything said by him hasn't appeared here since...?!



But only once. And at least you're not Jerkob. Or Jerky, Loony4Life, Conservatroll/Chopurcockov...!


Don't worry about it no one hates you. This was all a misunderstanding based on differing meanings of the word liberal. Considering how much of this site deals with American politics when people see the word Liberal they think the American liberal party not the Belgian liberal party. Most people meh'd this once they realized what you meant. Your fine

That's the difference, y'see. In fact, I wouldn't be opposed to your... 'quote' being excised from FSTDT's database.

4/14/2018 12:52:53 PM



I object. Under your definition I'm also a fundie.

4/14/2018 1:30:12 PM


"Traditionalist Catholic" by choice, I assume. That means you can go around telling other traditionalist catholics how to live their lives. That's the extent of your limit. Please, respect your boundaries.

4/14/2018 3:46:41 PM


Yes and domestic abuse can still be stopped by a bullet, or an unhealthy dose of arsenic, also without divorce. And I wouldn't blame Mrs Stewart if she had done just that.

A divorcee may not be able to marry in your church, but they CAN remarry in a registry office, or have a beautiful secular wedding in the gardens. All you should be able to say to that is, render unto Caesar...

4/15/2018 2:48:20 PM


So domestic abuse can still be stopped without divorce

...but what about Ritualistic abuse: and by those Jerkob thinks they have the right to marry Catholics, certainly with any moral credibility?:


Toledo Police had their man in custody a couple of decades previously: but the higher-ups in the Catholic diocese & a senior police officer brought the investigation to a halt. For a further 24 years the case went cold & a priest was let off scot free: thinking he'd gotten away with murder: literally, until a letter was mentioned. Then the case was reopened. Also, forensic techniques that had been developed since then.

The rest is history. As is the moral credibility of a certain Catholic sexism, nay, misogyny: and of the worst kind imaginable, apologist. As if the Paedophile Priests Scandal wasn't bad enough. And - like that letter mentioned in that murder case - something I chanced upon whilst flicking through the TV channels this morning, and was interested by a documentary shown on a crime/actuality TV-based channel.

There's an extremely good reason why the non-fiction book "The Blooding" by police/crime fiction author Joseph Wambaugh is about how the first murder to be solved using DNA Analysis was here in Britain.

...y'know, Jerkob: not very far from Ireland. Where an equally serious crime was committed by the Catholic church: and not only swept under the carpet, but - like that murder of a nun in Toledo - the clergy there had obstructed justice by not immediately making it a police matter: abandoning those paedo priests to the tender mercies of the Garda & Ireland's judicial system.

Because of course they had absolute socio-political rule there: up to 2015. Fortunately, 62% of people castrated the RCC politically: now they have less right to tell anyone what to do. That Paedophile Priests Scandal made sure of that.

I say that same-sex couples in Ireland should go to Catholic churches to marry them. And if the clergy so much as thinks of refusing, financially & socially destroy them in court: force them to marry LGBT people.

And you don't have the right to even think of having an 'Opinion' on the matter. Your own 'Church's lack of morals has made sure of that.

The Sex Discrimination Act here in Britain. Make it ultra-draconian, so that not even religions can be exempt. Legally force the RCC in Britain to have women as not just Priests, but Bishops, Archbishops: even Cardinals.

That is, if the RCC has the right to exist in Britain. There's an extremely good reason as to why we had that Civil War here, you know. Just ask Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby: and the one who installed him in that august position. Also who is the head of that C-of-E he is Archbishop of Canterbury of.

If they can be non-sexist in this way, what's your excuse, Jerkob? Why aren't you campaigning for your religion to be forced to enter the 21st Century...?!

Because of it's lack of morality: in every way imaginable, it has no right to think otherwise: but to be forced to change. Have completely new traditions. Or Else. [/Romans 13:1-5]

Because remember, Jerkob: since 2015, in Soviet Ireland God worships you.

With our C-of-E & it's Defender of the Faith also being C-in-C of most of our armed forces, with all our Challenger II Iron Chariots it certainly is the case here in Britain. [/Judges 1:19]

Your 'God' being told what to do is as things should be.

4/16/2018 3:21:20 AM

It would be far better to just let her divorce him for being abusive.

4/16/2018 10:05:07 AM

Jacob Harrison

I thought I commented here but my comment isn’t showing up. So I’ll state it again

1. I stated in the thread that the police and angry neighbors can drive the abuser out of the house and the friends and family of the abused can help her become financially independent

2. I can tell divorced Catholics that they are violating the doctrine of their own Church and that while they are divorced under US law they are still married under the law of the Kingdom of Heaven so they must repent for the divorce and not commit adultry by dating other people.

4/16/2018 12:27:42 PM


law of the Kingdom of Heaven

Yeah... well, he's not exactly showing up at the SCOTUS in the US or the High Court in Britain to argue the toss: so a 'law' doesn't apply when the 'place' it's supposed to doesn't exist.

Just ask the current crew of the International Space Station. Or Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, Anakin Skywalker & Luke Skywalker: when they merged with the Force, after being instructed how to do so by Qui-Gon Jinn: the only Jedi who had learned how to achieve immortality - impossible for Sith - as he was the only one who was fully attuned to the Living Force.

And as Jedi =/= Christian, there's someone's entire 'doctrine' completely fucked, then.

...or - like the 'Force' - 'Heaven' doesn't exist. Thus there never was a law that never applied to Planet Reality: as the 2013 Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) Act in Britain, the 26th June SCOTUS Oberfell vs. Hodges decision & legislation-deciding referendum in Ireland in 2015 proves. Laws. Romans 13:1-5.

Just ask a whole load of priests in Ireland now politically castrated since said 2015 referendum. And a priest in jail for murdering a nun in a Satanic act of ritualistic abuse in 1980; the enforcers of the law only bringing him to justice nearly a quarter of a century later. Holy Toledo!

And that's why - even if your 'Heaven' exists - not even it's so-called 'Laws' have the right to exist: least of all acknowledged by any legal expert here on Planet Reality. Just ask the prosecutor of that priest in Toledo.

But then, his 'God' - who is proven to be the Evil One: and Lucifer is actually the good guy in all of this, by opposing a worse-than Hitler-esque tyrant such as this inferior subhuman filth - ordered War Crimes, therefore...! [/Hosea 13:16]

That's why the fundie left-footers' 'God' obeys our laws:

Or Else. [/Judges 1:19]

4/16/2018 1:13:19 PM

If they drive out abuser, let them divorce. It does not speak well of your god he does not want them divorced nor moving on with someone who will respect and love them. Basically you are not making good arguments for your god

4/16/2018 1:47:02 PM

Jacob Harrison


Star Wars is not incompatible with Christianity. The events of Star Wars take place a long time ago in a galaxy far far away and in history God changed the rules of where the souls of the dead go. In Star Wars, the souls of everyone who died becomes one with the Force, but Qui Gon, Yoda, Obiwan, Anakin, and SPOILER ALERT:Luke had the ability to be able to maintain their individual consciousness after death.

Tartarus which is the realm of Hades for the wicked was intended to only be for Satan and his fallen angels.

Prior to the sins of the first Anatomically Modern Humans Adam and Eve on Planet Earth around 300,000 years ago, humans were intended to be immortal in both body and soul so they wouldn’t even have an afterlife. However after their sin, God decided to give humans mortality to have most humans go to Limbo/The First Circle of Hell, the most righteous heroic believers in him to go to heaven, and the wicked to go to Tartarus/The other 8 circles of hell.

And as I said before, it wasn’t until around the time of Abraham that he decided to sacrifice his son to increase membership into heaven.

@Anonymous commenter

God decided that marriage is meant to be a lifelong commitment. Who are we to question the authority of our creator?

4/16/2018 8:26:01 PM


The events of Star Wars take place a long time ago in a galaxy far far away and in history

Thus by definition the Luc Besson film "Lucy" is a documentary.

Therefore God is a woman. And is doing an infinitely better job than the one so many fundies 'claim' exists: but doesn't.

But She does.

Travelling back in time. When God made man, She was only kidding.

Who are we to question the authority of our creator?

Because we can. [/Judges 1:19]

Slaves who questioned the authority of their 'masters': many relied on your BuyBull to justify Slavery. Which is condoned by a so-called 'Master' - and a hyper-tyrannical one, at that - who now only has the right to be our slave. [/Local hero William Wilberforce]

God: 2,038,344

Satan (and only on God's authorisation): 10

Anon-e-moose: 0

And as we are morally superior to him - as the Hitler-esque War Crime that is Hosea 13:16 proves - he is forced to respect our authoritah!

Don't forget: all those modern-day Iron Chariots here in the UK: where they were first invented in WWI: leading up to the 21st Century God-Killer, the Challenger II. Also, the Piranha & Scorpion in a country not far from here. Thus in Soviet Britain & Ireland, God worships you. A certain legislation-deciding - and paedo-condoning RCC clergy-castrating - referendum in the latter country in 2015 made sure of that. [/Romans 13:1-5]

An inferior 'religion', therefore an inferior deity. We - superior humans - look down on the hypocritical & morally inferior, ergo FSTDT: anyone & anything that dares to so much as think it has the right to have ideas above it's station.

Also, the space elves in the - now therefore documentary - anime series "Banner/Crest of the Stars". The Abh became superior to their human creators.

The moral inferiority of Jerkob's 'Sacred Tradition' Catholic church. If it pleases the court, I would like to submit Exhibit A:



However liberals can’t claim the moral high ground because they condoned actual pedophilia rampant



my President Trump is a hero for America and Western Civilization because he is exposing the danger of the evil violent intolerant religion of Islam to the US, your country and Western Civilization as a whole.

The paradox of tolerance is that you cannot be tolerant of intollerance. Islam promotes extreme misogyny, homophobia, and intollerance to unbelievers


...and now for the clincher, folks:



You are cherry picking isolated incidents in the Catholic Church and using it to justify forcing the Catholic Church to change it’s sacred tradition

However liberals can’t claim the moral high ground because they condoned actual pedophilia rampant

Many liberal sites such as Salon have posted articles about tolerating pedophiles


>Being reduced to something akin to the oft-refuted 'claim' of 'Sacred Classes' by Mary Jane Lick Sick: an extreme misogynist & paedophile





Your fucking hero


I actually cringe myself hearing of things like that. I know he meant that she looked beautiful enough that at age 20, she would find a good husband but I agree he should think before he speaks because that comment makes him sound like a pedophile

my President Trump is a hero

I agree he should think before he speaks because that comment makes him sound like a pedophile

However liberals can’t claim the moral high ground because they condoned actual pedophilia rampant

Many liberal sites such as Salon have posted articles about tolerating pedophiles

My, but that smacks of... Cherrypicking.


I am not in a good mental state

...but your 'Sacredly Traditional' Catholic church is? A nun being ritualistically murdered by a Catholic priest. The Paedophile Priests Scandal in Ireland. And all because the likes of Jerkob allow 'Sacred Traditions': such as not allowing women to be priests, bishops, archbishops, cardinals, nay, even the Pope due to Misogyny, to exist in their murderous & paedophilic RCC: because they allow the clergy to think they have the right to have ideas above their stations: when it's those priests, bishops, archbishops, cardinals etc who should be forced to change completely: as that now politically castrated clergy in Ireland has had to be forced to after that referendum in 2015. And all because the RCC in Ireland thought they had the right to have ideas above their stations: when said clergy, and even their 'God' are actually inferior to the People, and must therefore obey their new masters: the Will of the People, in secular democracies based on Rule of Law.

The prosecution rests.

Therefore ALL fundie left-footers - including you, Jerkob - are tarnished by the worse-than sin of their own unjustifiably hypocritical: and therefore inferior 'religion'. As per Protestant fundies are all worse-than sinners via Tony Alamo, David J. Pedo, Josh Buggar & Roy Less.

It's your hypocrisy - and therefore you no longer having the right to think the way you do: least of all think you have the right to be judgemental about anyone not exactly like you - which gives we more than infinitely superior Atheists, LGBT people & non-fundie Theists more than every right in the world to pick these oh so juicy cherries. Pick. Pick. Pick.

As we in FSTDT do against Protestant fundies. 'Adam & Eve', eh fundie Christain hypocrites? We invoke the worse-than sinners Tony Alamo, Josh Buggar, Roy Less, and David J. Pedo. Even their 'God' (Hosea 13:16).

Therefore all you 'Traditionalist Catholics' are worse-than sinners too: via the Paedophile Priests Scandal in Ireland, and the murder of a nun by a Catholic priest in Toledo. It's those very 'Traditions' you cling to like straw dust against the Dominant Paradigm that is Political Correctness in the 21st Century, which makes all of you fundie left-footers morally inferior.

Certainly to we more-than infinitely superior Atheists, LGBT people & non-fundie Theists in FSTDT. Even your so-called 'God' is inferior to us.

Remember: 'Adam & Eve' for you Proddie & Left-footer fundies, for everyone else to use against them, Tony Alamo, Josh Buggar, Roy Less & David J. Pedo, also the Paedophile Priests in Ireland & nun-murdering Catholic priest in Toledo; and now here's the pisser for all you fundie Christains:

Unlike the former two 'characters' in a book of fairytales: Fiction, the latter are all too morals-annihilatingly real.

Compared to all you fundie Christains as a whole, we are utterly sinless. Ergo, we Atheists, LGBT people & non-fundie Theists are more-than infinitely superior. Even to your inferior subhuman 'God'.

...and that is why we have more than every right in the world to question the authority of your so-called 'God': a proven worse-than Hitler-esque Tyrant. Because he never had the right to any 'authority' in the first place: if he ever existed, that is.

No wonder then, that Jonathan Edwards recanted of his long-time Christian beliefs & became an Atheist: We can be good people without a 'God'. So much for the 'alternative': as represented by Tony Alamo, David J. Pedo, Josh Buggar, Roy Less, those Paedophile Priests in Ireland & nun-murdering Catholic priest in Toledo. Also, their Hitler-esque tyrant of a 'God' (Hosea 13:16; no 'Context' or 'Interpretation' allowed)

...and all because you so-called 'Traditionalists' refuse to change. Completely. Meanwhile, the Church of England. Reform Judaism. Wicca/Neo-Paganism. Even Quakers & Unitarian Universalists.

extreme misogyny

You don't even have the right to 'excuses' any more, fundie Left-footers: your own Misogyny.

Certainly re. Divorce. Frankly - and considering the above - you & your inferior 'religion' don't even have the right to an 'Opinion' about that any more.

4/17/2018 4:20:05 AM


"Who are we to question the authority of our creator?"

Well, for one, we're real, so we got that going for us... I mean, I don't question the authority of any god, because I have yet to see any objective reason to believe in any gods. I do question the authority of those who claim they know God's desireses, though.
No two of them seem to know the same thing with any consistency.

4/17/2018 4:20:13 AM

Jacob Harrison


1. Slavery in Ancient Israel was different from plantation racial slavery. Slavery was practiced throughout the entire ancient world and back then was a necessity for society to function.

2. Satan has way more blood on his hands. He invented evil so he is responsible for every crime committed in human history. The killings ordered by God were in RETALIATION for the crimes committed by the followers of Satan. The people of the Northern Kingdom of Samaria were a bunch of rebellious wicked murderers who worshipped demon gods so God ordered them slaughtered to warn the people of Judah to not commit the same actions as their northern brethren or they will face the same fate. The people of Judah did not listen so they were conquered by Babylon.

3. It is not cherry picking. It shows that the progressive left keeps condoning pedophilia.

4. Correlation does not equal causation. The Catholic Church's sacred tradition did not cause Priests to be pedophiles or cause that priest to murder the nun because the perpetrators of those crimes broke the doctrine of the Catholic Church.

5. Well yes, gay marriage is now legal in Ireland but it is government officials, not priest that license those earthly marriages.

Same thing in the United States. Gay marriage is the law of the land until conservative Supreme Court justices overturn that ruling.

6. While there are many good atheists, Atheism as a whole is harmful to society because the fear of God's wrath is what deters people with evil temptations from committing the evil deeds.

7. The Catholic Church does not force women to wear hijabs, nor does it condone wife beating, raping uncovered women, jihadi sex trafficking, and marrying underage girls. The progressive left condones that by supporting open borders. I encourage you and Skide to read the Quran and research the human rights record of Muslim countries.


The evidence that Yahweh exists and that Catholicism is the one true church is overwhelming. I challenge you to explain the phenomena of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Other evidence is the historical records of the list of Popes that date back to St. Peter. I also challenge you to refute the historical record. If Peter was not the first Pope than who was?

4/17/2018 7:51:26 AM


@Jacob Harrison:
the fear of God's wrath is what deters people with evil temptations from committing the evil deeds

Then where do the "many good atheists" come from?

4/17/2018 8:18:05 AM

Jacob Harrison

A combination of biological morality and morality from society. Your missing the point. I am saying atheism is bad to society because the fear of hell restrains immoral people from doing evil if they think they can avoid being caught by the authorities.

4/17/2018 9:22:51 AM


Your missing the point

A certain someone who shall remain Clueless is missing... something, pyro.

And it's not just a 'Point'.


Spelling and Grammar being a couple of those things, eh?!

I am not in a good mental state

And for someone like Jerkob who... 'claims' to be a student, just that claim alone can be questioned.

4/17/2018 9:34:50 AM


@Jacob Harrison

All I'll say about that is, if someone only does what's right or what's moral because of fear of going to Hell, that's not being moral. All it is is following orders out of fear of punishment. I guess at least you realize that people can have morals without believing in a god, though.

4/17/2018 9:38:29 AM

The whole fear of hell and needing god to be moral did not stop Josh Duggar from being immoral. I doubt atheist Bill Gates is donating to charities because he is afraid of hell. Then there are moral Pagans who don't believe in a hell and don't follow your god. One does not need god to be moral and one does not need be moral to have god

4/17/2018 9:52:13 AM

Jacob Harrison

That is because Josh Duggar is a protestant. Protestants believe in the heresy of salvation by faith alone which many Protestant fundies like David J Stewart use to excuse their wicked deeds.

Catholics believe in salvation by faith and good works, and that they have to do penance for every sin they do to avoid hell. The more a person sins, the more debt they have to pay so it is best to avoid committing sin as much as possible. Even if they pay enough debt to return in God's graces, if they are not fully purified before death, they have to undergo purification in purgatory.

4/17/2018 10:51:40 AM

So all those Catholic priests caught up in the scandal only had to do some prayers and works and be forgiven. yeah you're still not giving your side any real merit. If anything if you were to stop now you would be better off by far.

4/17/2018 11:02:22 AM



Jerkob's reduced to - as Andy Schaftafly defines such - 'Last Wordism': as he continues to dig his hole of FAIL.

Certainly as a Damage Limitation exercise.

Strange how Self-Mutilation's was barely ankle deep before he was able to get out, four years previously in FSTDT. And he never returned to make it any deeper. Why is this?

Perhaps S-M had better things to do. Amirite, Jerkob...?!

Or maybe S-M simply grew up.

4/17/2018 11:53:00 AM

Jacob Harrison

That is not what I am saying. I am saying that the more you sin and the more serious the sin, the greater the debt increases. I agree that the penance for pedophile priests in the post Vatican II Catholic Church is not good enough. In the good old fashioned Catholic Church, penance for serious crimes involved torture and public humiliation. Castration would be a great painful form of penance for pedophile priests and it would stop their pedophilia. Even if they make it to heaven, they will still be tormented as the ghosts of the righteous Christians will reject them and they will require security protection from the Angel police force.

4/17/2018 6:44:07 PM


Self-Mutilation grew up.

Someone hasn't though.

Explains why a certain someone who shall remain clueless still hasn't learned the lesson of why S-M's hole of FAIL remains at barely ankle-deep. And is - four years later - barely visible due to weathering of the edges of said hole, and being grown over. Why? Because the one who started that hole never returned to make it deeper. Like the plants growing over that very shallow hole, he grew up.

But then, as someone said: 'he had better things to do'. I'll let you guess who said that: if you can still hear him oh so deep down that hole of FAIL that is his lack of self-awareness, and what he says in light of his own situation: whereas Self-Mutilation realised his mistake: and learned from it.

The last quote here by him was in 2012. His one & only appearance in FSTDT was in 2014. He hasn't said anything else that has been quoted here since. Like I say: his one & only appearance here. Never returning again. Why is this? Why has he learned from his mistake, and someone who shall remain clueless: but quoted, hasn't...?!

It puts the Irony in the bin, or it gets the pointing & laughing again.

4/18/2018 6:04:58 AM

While I do not oppose torturing rapists and molesters, the old church tortured and killed based on people not following its rules. For believing differently. Not for molestation

4/18/2018 7:05:02 AM

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