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This is a weird phenomenon that I don't fully understand, but have several theories. I'm an Asian male rarely hang out with other Asians. When I hang out with Alt Righters, they like me, even though I mainly tell them that it's White people's fault that White liberals suck and that they should stop blaming Blacks, Mexicans, and Arabs for their personal problems. Take personal responsibility, or at least blame the White liberals for putting these destructive policies in place.

Asian American girls are effectively liberal White girls in my eyes, while Asians in Asia have their own distinct culture that don't fit any of the Western-imposed stereotypes either. My hypothesis is that it's the masculine role to uphold tradition, while women are naturally xenophilic. This is why most cultures are patrilineal, and why it's typically the women who tend to prefer massive immigration of refugees.

So I don't really blame the Alt Right men. It's just a tiny portion of xenophilic Asian Women who took pity on some outcast men. Of course they would fall in love. The Alt Right isn't hateful; they are just naive. The nature of woman is to seek novelty and adventure. The Asian women they marry aren't traditional... in fact, they are the liberals who welcome rapefugees from the Asian perspective. In effect, Alt Right men tend to become the beta providers of their liberal Asian wives. That's some postmodern irony.

In a deterritorialized world, we can't live in tradition anymore, we simply experience hauntology -- a term coined by Derrida meaning nostalgia for a lost future. The Alt Right embodies postmodernism, whether they like to admit it or not.

ConanTheSpenglerian, Reddit 1 Comments [1/7/2018 9:47:26 PM]
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It's not a lost future that's being lamented - it's all about turning back the clock to when "women were women" and men could beat them with impunity. The alt-right is the same - they want to turn back the clock to when white was always right and brown sat at the back of the bus and didn't make a sound.

1/7/2018 11:53:40 PM

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