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(This fundie is talking about the ALF, a terrorist animal rights group that harasses researchers.)

I think they keep a low profile bec they advocate nonviolent but sometimes illegal methods of reducing animal suffering.

Like resistance groups during ww2 or civil rights activists in the 60's, there are animal activists willing to risk their own freedom to reduce the suffering of other sentient beings.

From a consequentialist ethics perspective that includes animal well-being, 'stealing' foie gras ducks and freeing them, (non-violently) sabotaging lab equipment used for animal vivisection, going undercover to videotape animal abuse at factory farms and slaughterhouses, or the Sea Shepherds' harassing Whaling ships, are not wrong but morally desirable actions.

But our omnivore society's laws disagree, for now.

Absurdly, the US Goverment labels such animal activists (along with environmentalist groups) as 'terrorists.'

What a joke equating someone who lives to prevent cruelty and terror with a Fundamentalist monster who lives to inflict cruelty and terror. Pretty ironic...

joelbny, VeggieViews 5 Comments [12/6/2017 2:42:51 PM]
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Insult to Rocks

Strange, that an animal rights group would share a name with a tv character who eats cats.

12/6/2017 3:56:23 PM

They are and remain terrorists. I only wish the last season of Whale Wars would end with a USA issued "bang".

12/6/2017 7:09:29 PM




....and he's fuzzy and hilarious!

I hate animal cruelty as much as anyone with any sense (including foie gras fanatics) but guys like PETA, ALF & ELF are ridiculous!

I just made this....

....Waddaya think?

12/7/2017 7:57:47 AM

Man Called True

They ARE terrorists and only an idiot would think otherwise.

12/7/2017 8:42:33 AM


“I’m not a terrorist because I’m right.”

You (ALF that is) people who bomb abortion clinics, the IRA, the KKK. All terrorists.

If you don’t want to be called a terrorist, don’t use terrorist tactics.

12/8/2017 5:27:12 AM

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