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(This fundie is talking about the ALF, a terrorist animal right's group that burns down homes and threatens researchers)

I wouldn't say they are the "ultimate vegans", but they are heroes and the only reason people call them terrorists is because these freedom fighters are actually doing something to save innocent lives.

{deleted account}, r/vegan 5 Comments [12/6/2017 2:40:38 PM]
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I think that even the animals themselves would tend to disagree with your statement.

12/6/2017 2:47:02 PM


Yeah, I always considered that the difference between terrorists and freedom fighters is that terrorists also target innocents and non-combatants. Which these guys do. So they can fuck off for all I care.

And just so you know, I'm an animal lover, but I honestly don't think an animal life equates to a human life. On average. It's just simple logic on my part.

12/6/2017 3:08:43 PM


There's a fine line between loving animals and hating humans. Very fine.

12/6/2017 7:18:35 PM


Okay, but what do you think happens as a result? Hey ALF terrorists, how would you feel if you torched the house of a butcher but it spread to the butcher's neighbors even if they are radveegs and hate the butcher and their family deeply? What if the butcher then said "fine, I'll become a vegan" only to find that they don't have the money or resources to buy and make vegan food that fits their dietary needs, not to mention that it would force them to leave their job and thus make it more difficult to recover from the torching? What if it wound up causing serious damage to nearby forests and wildlife, through releasing toxic smoke into the air that can cause cancer and also poison the soil as well as burning species to death-- especially if this occurred in a region where wildfires are not normal and so the local species are not adapted to respond well to massive fires?

Or hey ALF terrorists, what if the researchers you're threatening aren't going to cow before you and your radveeg crap, and the cops show up at your house or you get exposed in a way that at least does major damage to your credibility to the point of losing the respect of some of your friends and family? Would you be willing to give up your current job and future job prospects-- whether through being charged with a felony or otherwise losing your credibility? Would your family and anybody else your job supports give the same answer as you?

I mean, there's just so many problems. ALF is as much of a freedom fighter organization as the Taliban is an anti child prostitution organization-- sure, they may have been started with a noble intent, but what they are now does not resemble that in the slightest to the point where the original intent is utterly irrelevant to their current activity, which is utterly toxic and destructive.

12/6/2017 9:59:44 PM



12/7/2017 8:04:17 AM

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