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"Scientists are not easy to convince, not not generally subject to mind control. That is, some may so be, but there are lots of them and it needs only a few to find a new extraordinarily useful discovery like LENR for this to become accepted."

Haha, you are way too naive. You think scientists are not like the rest of humanity - prefers to follow the pack, don't like changes etc. Etc.

"The whole point about LENR is that whatever conspiracy theory you like, it is strongly in the interests of individual scientists who have actually discovered it to publicise this."

Well.......If you want to publicise a new discovery, it has to be Peer reviewed and accepted by "real journals". Since cold fusion one Month after the press conference in 1989 was concluded pure "pathological science", there was no Journals that would publicise and no peers to review papers. And That's been the story ever since.

Or to repeat what the Nobel Price winner (in physics) Julian Seymour Schwinger said of his attempt to publish papers on Cold fusion :
"What I had not expected was the venomous criticism, the contempt, the enormous pressure to conform. Has the knowledge that physics is an experimental science been totally lost?

"It is not credible that science that is openly described could be suppressed for so long, if it worked."

Yes it is credible. Yes, LENR is openly described, but not in what is considered "real journals". So physcists lacks the interest and willingness and funding to investigate, since consensus is "nothing there".

The swedish physcist Stephan Pomp said it something like this : I see no Cold Fusion papers being publicised in credible real Journals, therefore I will not investigate the phenomenon.

So there we have Catch 22: the physics community will not investigate since papers are not published in " real journals", and CF researchers can not get their papers published, since all know it is pathological science and thereforee there are no one to peer review

oystla, LENR-Forum 2 Comments [12/6/2017 2:11:19 AM]
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Citizen Justin

OK even if the discovery was not peer reviewed, it could still be sold. (Much like Creationism.)

And if it actually worked (unlike Creationism) it would make hundreds of billions.

12/6/2017 5:54:34 AM


After their announcement, attempts were made to replicate their experiments (the usual procedure after some new claim)...and all failed. Moreover, F and P never actually found nuclear byproducts; all they had was a tiny heat anomaly, and there are many reasons why that measurement could have been in error. There is no reason why people should want to jump into a field in which a simple error is claimed to upset the known laws of physics. If anybody else had been able to replicate their test, people would be throwing money at the project. But time and resources are too scarce in academia to waste them chasing someone else's errata.

12/6/2017 9:12:28 AM

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