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of course, why would you ask such a silly question? As the nigger population rises, the area turns more and more into Sub Saharan Africa. This is Niggerology 101.

The entire United States will be like Zimbabwe eventually.

Remember this important lesson:

Increase in Nigger Per Capita Population = Increase In Third World Stone Age Sub Saharan African Conditions.

This fact has remained constant throughout history and has been demonstrated repeatedly throughout the years. Doesn't matter what area of the world it is in or what period in history, it occurs without fail. A nigger's natural habitat is to live in a straw hut just barely beyond the simple discovery of fire.

Tom Shelly, Niggermania 3 Comments [12/5/2017 2:10:07 PM]
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Pharaoh Bastethotep


"Creation Science" appears downright legitimate in comparison.

12/5/2017 2:58:07 PM

Niggerology: All the credibility and fanaticism of Scientology but with none of the financial clout, star power, or novel charm.

12/6/2017 11:19:20 PM



12/9/2017 10:46:41 AM

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