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Sounds like an absolute nightmare. I hope you have some more interesting coontacts before this travesty is over and are able to at least salvage some humor out of it.

Probably at least half (if not 99%) of the so called "bl@ck middle class" is really only so because of Affirmative Action giving niggers fairly decent-waged jobs that they would otherwise not have. A good example is the Postal Service. Now my town is "only" about 10% nigger (if you can believe the statistics;it seems higher to me) but nearly 90% of the postal office employees and especially mail carriers around here are niggers, and I don't think it's a coincidence that I've started to lose mail (I've had no less than 3 things "lost" in the last year or so, and mail NEVER EVER got lost before.) Mail carriers get around $20/hour here which is not a fortune obviously but considering it's basically completely unskilled work it's not too bad since that's probably close to double what, say, a line cook at a diner would make (and the work is a LOT easier and less stressful.)

If the pool of these joke Affirmative Action gubmint jobs ever dried up, a HUGE chunk of these so called "middle class" niggers would be back on the streets and unable to get anything other than the only jobs they're truly "qualified" for -- menial labor and janitorial work. Basically, the whole United States Government is just a big giant nigger subsidy. The blatant gibs are bad enough, but when you add in things like these relatively highly paid unskilled labor jobs that are all given to coons the costs are undoubtedly several times what even the most cynical of us would like to admit. It also pisses me off since there are TONS of deserving humans who might have been laid off, college students, etc etc who would LOVE to make $40-50k a year for a bit delivering the mail or doing some other similar work like that.

Sugar-n-Tea Fan, Niggermania 0 Comments [12/5/2017 2:09:45 PM]
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