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As I’ve informed you all before, JEWtoob put a fellow monkey-Jew on my back EVERY TIME I upload a Video. JEWtoob has threatened to SHUT ME DOWN with TWO STRIKES against me and ‘three strikes’ you’re out.

This NEW Video is hopefully “Kosher for not being PASSOVER-ED.” But yew never know with a JEW monkey on your back.

Jew-censors may not eat Pigs and keep kosher but to NO avail. They ARE Pigs and full of all uncleaness! May their own wickedness fall back on their OWN Jew-accursed heads and quick.

AND, that Goyim Shill, Eric Schmidt, has to be one of the most CONTEMTPABLE shilsl that works for the Jews, who actually said that he will “de-rank” RT.com for “misinformation.” What is ‘misinformation’ Mr Jew-pleasing Schmidt? It’s TRUTH that is sorrowfully misplaced on a JEW venue, JEWgle and JEWtube.

Brother Nathanael Kapner, Real Jew News 1 Comments [12/5/2017 10:42:42 AM]
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A psychoanalyst would have a field day exploring all the trauma that caused you to become such a self-hating Jew.

12/6/2017 2:41:14 PM

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