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whenever a nignog argues "it cause i black ain't it!!!?" i always think of this.

I love that fucking cop out excuse...its the default answer to any challenge to their invented reality.

Ya, I dislike you and avoid you because of your skin color, it has nothing to do with your loud rude and aggressive culture that you pridefully wear on your sleeve. It has absolutely nothing to do with your total lack of concern for anyone other than yourself when listening to your shitty music loud enough to wake up my toddler in my car at the gas station, or your fucking cell phone on speaker in the morning on the bus when everyone else is reading or being quiet..

Totally has nothing to do with the reality that most people normal people wouldn't dare ask you to change your behavior because you would take it as a personal affront to your existence causing you to want to fight no matter if it was a 13 year old or a 60 year old. Nope, nothing to do with the reality that many of you in "your community" are so repulsed by gay men that you have to say "no homo" when giving another man a compliment on his clothing or hair.

It most certainly has nothing to do that if I'm walking down the street and I cross paths with more than 3 of you, there's a 90% change of you or your buddies will make an insulting comment toward me and 100% if I'm with a woman. No, none of that has anything to do with it...It's your skin color.

Give me a fucking break.

bourbonexpert, Voat 0 Comments [12/4/2017 11:01:23 PM]
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