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I wish people would admit that Blacks aren't like us

They have no empathy, they can't think, they don't even take care of their young. I'd love to see an #AdmitIt or #NotLikeUs campaign (like #MeToo) with anecdotes about all the times nogs who've stolen, gotten in the way, chimped out, ruined neighborhoods etc over the years.

AdmitIt, when the Blacks started moving in, you started planning your move out.
AdmitIt, it's not the white tenants leaving chicken wing bones in the stairwells. #NotLikeUs #FilthyAnimals
AdmitIt, you don't want your daughter in the same classroom as a pack of Black boys.

It's only Monday and it's already a terrible week of having to interact with nogs.

frustr_ted, Voat 1 Comments [12/4/2017 11:00:59 PM]
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AdmitIt, you're a cunt.

12/5/2017 8:12:56 AM

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