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Back when I was wrangling niggers for a living, I was booking one into the city jail. The jailer asked this spook for his full name to which he responded that his middle name was "nimmon." The jailer then asked the spook to spell his middle name, it replied "N-M-N." It went on to explain this unusual name by stating that the last time it was arrested, the PO-lice gave it a middle name because it didn't have one.

What this moron was talking about was the abbreviation for "no middle name." It actually thought we had assigned it a middle name because it's mammy didn't give it one at birth.

Proudwhiteman, Niggermania 3 Comments [12/3/2017 3:28:39 PM]
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Hu’s On First

I thought MNM was a white rapper from Detroit.

12/3/2017 6:06:10 PM


If somebody doesn't have a middle name then why write anything at all? Is this even a fucking thing? Because the very idea that police would waste paper writing down "no middle name" instead of just the names someone actually has is stupider to me than the probably fictional man being booked telling them exactly what the last person who arrested him wrote down.

12/3/2017 6:35:41 PM


This guy is really lying. People they book can be booked john doe or refuse. Why would a cop waste there time.this guy make no sense.

12/3/2017 10:54:28 PM

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