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I wish they were stepping in, but it seems like they aren't really able to or willing to - for some 'prime directive'-ish reason maybe. Although that is probably absurdly simplistic. Also, this assumes they are 'aliens'.

Everything would seem to add up if that were the case, though; if you were a superpower government and had zero power to communicate with or control sentient beings visiting from elsewhere, would you tell the public that? Or would you just deny it and maintain a 7-decades-long cult of ridicule and disinformation? Especially if their message invalidated a few world religions.

I find the idea that governmental or extragovernmental powers keep UFO secrecy in place to hoard 'free energy' and other advanced technologies to be pretty laughable. We've repeatedly shown ourselves to be utterly irresponsible by creating and using nuclear weapons and we still as standard policy solve our political differences by blowing each other to bits. I personally doubt that any advanced culture would make deals with a planet full of homicidal monkeys like us. JMO, of course.

blissplus, r/UFOs 1 Comments [12/2/2017 3:33:31 PM]
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If I were an Oscar Meyer wiener, would everybody be in love with me?

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