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President Trump Touts His Accomplishments in Thanksgiving Message

President Trump wished Americans a happy Thanksgiving early Thursday morning on Twitter, but didn’t waste any time before boasting about his track record in the same tweet.

“HAPPY THANKSGIVING, your Country is starting to do really well,” he wrote. “Jobs coming back, highest Stock Market EVER, Military getting really strong, we will build the WALL, V.A. taking care of our Vets, great Supreme Court Justice, RECORD CUT IN REGS, lowest unemployment in 17 years….!”

He followed up with another tweet: “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

Four hours later, Trump posted what appeared to be an official White House video to Twitter. In it, he recited the history of the holiday and wished Americans a “blessed and joyful Thanksgiving.”


He also made reference to challenges America has faced in the last year. “We pray for the Americans impacted by the devastating storms and wildfires that struck our nation. We mourn for the victims of the horrible shootings that stole so many innocent lives. And we thank God for the police, firefighters, paramedics and rescue workers who put themselves in harm’s way to save others.”

At the end of the video, he reiterated some of the claims of his earlier tweet. “Our country is doing very well,” he said. “Our stock market has hit a new all-time high, unemployment is at a 17-year low, we’ve created $5.5 trillion worth of values. We are doing something very special. People are feeling it. The enthusiasm in this country has never been higher. We are very very happy on this Thanksgiving day.”

Donald Trump, Time 15 Comments [11/28/2017 11:22:12 PM]
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I hate how he's taking credit for the work done during the Obama presidency that helped improve the economy in many ways, despite making and backing very few changes in economic policy for the nation that went through of his own.

11/29/2017 1:30:17 AM

Don't forget to thank Putin for getting you in office!

11/29/2017 2:05:50 AM


Donald Trump trumpeting his actual positive accomplishments as President of the United States would require him to lead a respectful moment of silence. A personal landmark for him.

I guess his usual M.O. of making it up as he goes along with no regard for the truth and utter contempt of anyone who tells him otherwise will have to do instead.

11/29/2017 2:18:35 AM


What else is new...?

You're still operating on Obama budget, you blithering idiot!

Taking care of your vets; was that what he was doing when he spewed racial slurs in front of the Native American code talkers the other day?

Enough with the prayers, now get the Puerto Ricans real help! No, getting your buddies a contracting job that they haven't got a chance to pull off, is not helping the Puerto Ricans.

What about the ones harmed or killed in the Nazi demonstration?

Perhaps he mistake the hilarity (mixed with fear) over his bumbling buffoonery as "enthusiasm"...

11/29/2017 2:19:57 AM


Meanwhile in the real world...

11/29/2017 3:38:18 AM


Don't thank any god for firefighters, cops, paramedics and rescue workers: thank taxes for that.

11/29/2017 5:01:37 AM


we’ve created $5.5 trillion worth of values.

The really sad thing is, if I had never heard Trump speak, this alone would make me wonder if it was someone else trying to mock him. The rest isn't a whole lot better. He's practically a walking self-parody, yet unaware of it.

11/29/2017 5:38:08 AM


One turkey on my plate and one in the Oval Office...

11/29/2017 9:19:44 AM

Churchy LaFemme

Your portfolio may have increased by some fraction of that $5.5 trillion worth of values, but ours hasn't Our son is still living at home because his jobs don't pay him enough to live on his own, our savings account is smaller than it was at this time last year, and we're paying more for health coverage. Glad to see you and your co-conspirators are doing better, though. I wonder how much good that $5.5 trillion would do in Puerto Rico and the rest of the Caribbean, or in Texas.

Oh, and that "record cut in regs" is rapidly returning us to the glory days of the Robber Barons and turning the US into a Third World shithole.

11/29/2017 9:53:24 AM

The Crimson Ghost

Donald Dinky Digits is a caricature, a bad comic book villain created by the right wing to distract us from what they've been doing behind the scenes. Those of us that have even the most tenuous grasp of reality know that he's a fucking liar, thief, rapist & con artist-& not a very good one. He required the Russian mob to get him where he is, & now that it's blindingly obvious-even to them-what an incompetent retard he is, even they won't prop him up anymore. The only "people" that Donald has on his side are the dumbfuck christian republican majini, & they're so stupid that they would drink bleach if he told them that Obama once said that drinking bleach is bad.

If only we could send Donald to Dallas in an open top convertible. It's a shame that November 22 has already passed.

11/29/2017 11:03:06 AM


This isn't Fundy. This is an egotistical narcissist taking credit for things he had nothing to do with.

11/29/2017 11:39:38 AM


I thought Trump was God, or at least he thinks he is.

11/29/2017 7:26:52 PM


The orange tribble on his head has eaten his tiny brain! Such delusion!

If the GOP passes that Tax-Cut, it'll be an inadvertent win for us because they'll commit political suicide.

2018 & 2020 is gonna be seeing some serious house-cleaning.

The GOP is doomed and the crap they've pulled will be reversed. I'm not worried.

11/29/2017 10:44:49 PM

11/30/2017 5:14:07 AM


Isn't your president an automatic WTF, whatever the topic?

11/30/2017 7:52:16 AM

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