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The Saudis has been installed with the help of the Anglo-Saxon (=ziopuppets) and the originally ruling family has been kicked out of Mekka.

That’s why we see Jews being best butt-buddies with them.

And these guys are masters in weaving webs of secret power structures-be it with freemasons, think tanks, NGO’s, the Federal Reserve, IMF, Bolshevik Revolution, disintagration of the Ottoman Empire(destroyed by the Jewish sponsored Young Turks and Donmeh + Lawrence of Arabia); or the Jew Philipp Goldberg who helped breaking up Yugoslawia (and later Yugoslawien president has been protested out of government by George Soros Spring protesters) and then went to Bolivia to do the same(but was kicked out soon enough).

And I wonder how many of those hippie leaders in the USA (in Europa it was the pedophile jew Cohn Bendit who led student protests in France & Germany and promoted Jewish Marxism, Jewish Frankfurt School and Jewish Polymorphic Perversion(S. Freud) were Jews, and wether a Jew had coined the term “flower power” which then was promoted by the gong show-run by a jew?

And I’m pretty sure that the next Jewish puppets (result of Spring protests) in the Orient will be the Kurds. Jews are helping them to become independent and in return turning them into zio buttkissers as the Saudis, Kuwaitis and most countries of Europe already are.

(One just need to find out who is buying most of the Kurdish oil in Syria & Iraq).

Zebo, Real Jew News 0 Comments [11/13/2017 4:58:07 PM]
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