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So, I had to go to the store yesterday. I went to Wally World because it's on the way to work.

While inside, I saw a human veteran using one of their electric scooters. While it's sad to see a disabled veteran (especially on veterans's day), I just KNEW that somehow, somewhere there's a sheboon with "da sugars" that "needed" the cart and was chimping out because it had to walk on its hind paws throughout the store!

Also, speaking of fellow veterans...I would like to formally apologize to the marines and their Toys-for-Tots program. I will NOT donate any toys this year. I know who (or, should I say "what") will be the recipients of these free toys. Niggers get enough of my tax money.

Instead, I know of a human family who could use a nice Christmas. I have been working 18 days straight, 10-hour shifts getting a lot of overtime. I will give ALL of my OT pay to them...about $2000. They've had a rough year (house fire amongst other things)...a human Santa will visit a human family this year!

bill brasky, Niggermania 2 Comments [11/14/2017 5:41:53 AM]
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So... he sees a vet on a scooter, IMAGINES a confrontation with an overweight black woman, and they passes it off as a story?
Anyone else think he's lying about the charity bit?

11/14/2017 11:03:02 AM

...right. So you work all that, and you still don't make much money.

I'd hesitate to call southern loons like you human - bit too much prejudice in you for that. Rot in your trailer park, vermin.

11/14/2017 10:59:36 PM

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