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Jesus Christ you are all infected retarded putrid pathetic idiots?Do you prefer to have a real life full of happiness,wonders and others or to change the diapers full shit of a low functioning autistic everyday forever 24/24?I had an autistic girlfriend and i broke up in just 2 years.Even the normal-esque autistics are hard to understand.I don't want the high functioning autistics to die but i hate the low functioning ones.Even autistics hate other autistics.The low functioning persons should not exist at all.They cannot comprehend mundane things despite you told them 1.000.0000 times.They are sensitive to anything,and i mean anything:sounds,colours,textures,temperature and food.If a parent doesn't got any vacantions or break a day from the things he do everyday,he will became crazy after a long time.Some parents needed years of therapy because of depression because that low functioning sack full of shit appeared into the picture.They destroy families,isolate them and they aren't able to fend for themselves.What if the parents cannot make enought money for therapy?Most of times you will spend the last dime for the treatment for autistics.Low income,unprepared of whatever,most autistics are a burden.Hurrr durr hurr fart,it's a human ,how you can be that evil,says someone.Grow up and go to the bathroom ,wash your face and then revisit the subject later.I dare you all to walk 50 km throught the parent's shoes.

JewelCichlid99, Reddit - r/SubredditDrama 7 Comments [11/14/2017 5:39:33 AM]
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Why does she always tell people to wash their faces?
Is that some sort of self-baptism?

11/14/2017 6:29:20 AM


One of the hallmarks of autism is difficulty in communicating and/or an inability to interact effectively with others.

Read your own post and tell me if you fit that description.

11/14/2017 8:01:18 AM

The Angry Dybbuk

Once upon a time, I found myself teaching an 18-year-old with...well, no one could really explain him so he was labelled as high-functioning Autistic.

His mom told me at the outset that her son never lied. And I mean *ever*, under any circumstances. I didn't believe her - at first.

By the time I'd finished training him, a year later, he worked as a grunt for a cleaning company. There are surgeons out there who take their jobs less seriously.

One weekend he wanted time off for a ski trip. He never missed work, so time off was a Big Deal to this guy. I shrugged and told him to call in sick. Fuck no; he called and asked for three days off to go skiing (and got furlough for his honesty).

He needed repetitive, quiet work so he did night jobs. Morning rolled around and everything was done, always. And not once, in all the time I knew him, did he even so much as fib. Even more remarkably, for a truth-teller like him, he managed to be well-liked: He did his work without insulting anyone, without complaint...and when I cut him loose, I warned his next employer: "This man NEVER lies..."

I doubt he believed me at first, but I'm equally sure he eventually did.

The man who never lied had some kind of sensory processing disorder, and fairly severe when out of his element. Put him IN his element, though, and treat him with respect, and he was among the finest workers I've ever met. That was decades ago and I still remember him.

I have no doubt he's still gainfully employed. The OP, above, on the other hand? It's not hard to guess which of them I'd trust more.

11/14/2017 7:51:06 PM


If a parent doesn't got [sic] any vacantions [sic] or break a day from the things he do everyday,he will became [sic] crazy after a long time.

It's true that parenting a child with special needs is stressful. I would argue however that the best way to help people in that situation would involve social services (for example access to respite care) rather than mass murder.

I had an autistic girlfriend and i [sic] broke up in just 2 years

It would be interesting to know who dumped whom.

11/15/2017 4:20:58 AM


I had an autistic girlfriend and i broke up in just 2 years.

I don't understand why someone normal would suffer this situation for two years.

The "someone normal" refers, of course, to the girlfriend.

12/19/2017 11:22:38 AM

I have autistic friends. I'd prefer their company to JewelCichlid99

12/19/2017 11:34:49 AM


There are those on the spectrum who are infinitely more civilised than this... thing.

And those on that particular sub thought that a major source of their lulz-fuel - r/Incels - would cease to exist after they were thrown out of the HTML helicopter that is Reddit. Their fears were unfounded, it seems.

Keep up with the milk, o Dramacow. You & all your lulzy ilk know the only possible way to make that particular sub similarly cease to exist: Grow Up.

That happening or the Heat Death of the universe: which will come to pass first? Place your bets, folks...!

12/19/2017 6:12:23 PM

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