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The American left is indeed Maoist. That’s a very racially aggressive poster. Why not turn that racial aggression on its main proponents: the white billionaires who run this country, and those in California in particular?

We deplorables are a hard, meagre target. Well-armed, impecunious and irredeemable (according to the left). We also might not care if POC seize some beachside estates in Malibu and Marin County.

If we were really deplorable, what we’d do is agitate the Maoists into a frenzy in their breeding grounds, and turn them loose on their wealthy, liberal neighbors.

Morally, that sounds pretty bad, but one of these days some of our people are going to start asking “why not?” If the elites really hate us so much, then who are our real enemies? The aimless brown masses or their duplicitous would-be masters who want to use them to crush us? I think we’re starting to figure out the answer to that.

Bill P, Unz 2 Comments [11/13/2017 8:02:08 AM]
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The American left is indeed Maoist.

Makes you wonder if this guy thinks Greece has become a Socialist Republic.

11/13/2017 11:37:21 AM


Where, exactly, in the little red book does it talk about support for interracial dating? That seems like an odd position for Mao to have taken, since he was in a totally different country with different issues.

I like how they first made out every kind of socially progressive political position as communist, to demonize it, and now have turned about and used that association to show that support for those policies makes you a communist. Totally circular.

11/16/2017 7:41:38 AM

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