Site/Off-Topic Discussion Thread 6

Return of the Boogaloo

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Let's talk about the site and other things!

Post feedback, issues, random comments, death threats, etc. here like in all the other Site/Off-Topic discussion threads.

Site/Off-Topic Discussion Thread 6, Brought to you by direct-inverse morphosyntactic alignment 235 Comments [11/1/2017 3:12:50 AM]
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Who said we want it to end? :)

11/29/2017 7:01:19 AM


IRC is back up!!

12/4/2017 12:16:23 PM


Re. this thread that's dragging on too long:

And as dxdydz suggests that this isn't Noel 'Patrick' Kilkenny - he of the MI6 Paranoia - maybe it's time to ban the troll...?

12/6/2017 3:19:34 AM



What is the longest-ever comment thread here, I wonder...


A 27-page spergfest by the original 'He Who Must Not Be Named' (when Mary Jane Lick Sick was wetting his underpants just dreaming of being a literal motherfucker), the Canadian Fundie Spam Monster T**y B****s*, a.k.a. 'Churchjerk' & his oft-refuted Four Step Perfect Proof Of His Retardation.

Which got so bad, even Distind had to b& his sorry spamming arse from here.

*- Because - due to his infamy spreading virally: and his 'need' to spam his BS & argue the toss with anyone he thought would listen, thus his reputation proceeding him - he was reduced to Googling his name(s), one had to refer to him as 'HWMNBN' or his name blanked out like this in case he returned like the fundie herpes he was then.

12/6/2017 7:42:59 AM



Shy and I discussed that it wasn't him on the IRC a few days after the quote was submitted. The use of language is completely different.

12/6/2017 11:34:28 AM


@Moose-Kun: As long pseudo-Scribbler's prattle stays within the confines of that thread, it doesn't really bother me.

However, what do the rest of you guys think? Should I give him the hammer?


The cult of the FSTDT

LOL, this quote and the comments are a goldmine.

12/6/2017 2:12:04 PM


I just found out that the guy with two dicks on Reddit was a fake. My whole life is a lie.

12/7/2017 3:07:19 PM



For Satan The Demonic Teacher! LOL

12/7/2017 8:20:22 PM


Hey @Shy or any of the mods I believe when submitting a recent quote from incel "UniversallyAbhorred" I misspelled his name by forgetting one of the r's in it. If you can fix it before the posts go up that would be lovely.

12/8/2017 1:22:31 AM


Apparently Pope Francis wants to change a line in the Lord's Prayer....from "lead us not into temptation" to "do not let us fall into temptation." I'm sure we're gonna be hearing from some of our Christian/anti-Catholic "friends" about that one.

(I was gonna post on the forum, but I keep getting a "database error")

EDIT: Yeah, Lady Checkmate put that story on her "news" channel. I don't think it's really worthy of submitting here, because all she did is paste the story, and add some scripture.

12/8/2017 10:24:53 AM



I actually read about that because I was checking on LC.

And then I read this great cartoon which I have to share with you:

12/8/2017 1:19:08 PM


@KingOfRhye: Pope Francis has the right idea. "Lead us not into temptation" is a horrid translation. I won't go into detail about why, because it will lead me into temptation to ramble profusely about Koiné Greek, translation theory, and linguistics in general. I'll just say that an entirely plausible translation of that verse is "You would not lead us into temptation [because it is we ourselves who would, and it is you who lead us from it]." That's exactly along the lines of what Pope Francis proposes, and it makes a hell of a lot more sense than telling God not to dangle carrots in front of our noses.

[Paragraph removed because I keep wanting to elaborate and elaborate and elaborate on it until it's a whole lot more than just one paragraph, and I could probably write a couple books if I kept going. I love languages and linguistics, and I clearly lead myself into temptation when I let myself get started, so I'll stop now. Moral of the story: don't get me started talking about anything I'm interested in because I won't stop even though nobody cares. I honestly thought for a while I might be aspie mostly just because of this one 'quirk' of mine and how next-level it gets if I don't consciously try to keep it in check. In my case, though, it turned out just to be my ADHD getting me super-excited and super-hyperfocused at the same time.]

12/11/2017 6:46:59 AM



I would enjoy reading your essay book about koine greek.

12/12/2017 9:25:25 AM


<shy> i think i am having a psychiatric crisis again
<shy> i just hallucinated roy moore lost

12/12/2017 9:24:21 PM

Jocasta McFucken

Oh look, a whole interesting conversation taking place which I never even knew about.

You guys make my day nearly every day of the week. I never get to tell you that.

Sorry my only submissions ever come from Christian News Network, or Lady Checkmate's hidey holes. I used to find WorldGoneCrazy endlessly fascinating but these days he sticks to one board, Live Action News, and only ever talks about Jew gassing and slave owning, or in other words, abortion.

Speak of Lady Bitchface, I guess it goes without saying she gets my vote for fundie of the year...when does the polling start?

12/15/2017 3:00:03 PM


@Jocasta McFucken:
The vote for categories is still on:

12/17/2017 8:09:46 AM

12/17/2017 9:24:11 AM


@Jocasta: It's cool, and we're glad to have your submissions!

12/17/2017 1:47:25 PM


1984 finally?

12/19/2017 2:44:30 PM



You can read more about it here. It seems the words are only banned in budget related documents, but it's the first step towards an Orwellian nightmare.

12/19/2017 8:56:31 PM


I'll give you one guess as to who's back:

Apparently Dorie didn't learn from her previous b&hammering by Distind.

12/20/2017 8:22:50 AM


I think I found a goldmine.

12/20/2017 8:31:40 AM


Thank you. b^_^d

12/20/2017 4:40:59 PM

Hey does anyone know what happened to Alia from the Incel Reddit?

I mean, he was among the most disturbed.

I wonder if he 1) got locked up 2) killed a bunch of people and then himself or 3) was actually Frank Cotton and the cenobites caught up with him again.

12/21/2017 12:11:31 AM

Insult to Rocks

I would just like to say that it's nice to be sending off the year with David J Stewart making a triumphant return after a slow year (for him). He's like this site's mascot at this point.

12/21/2017 12:51:07 PM

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