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We ought to make school like it was before the 20th century, available only to those who can afford it or score into it. That's how college is today. Elementary and high school was like that too. And what were kids doing then, before school became mandatory? Working at the same jobs their parents worked in. They didn't have a choice or future. They didn't think about what they wanted to be when they grew up. They knew what they were going to be because they didn't have any other skills but the ones taught by their parents. That's how "old money" stayed rich, while they poor stayed poor and uneducated. Americans are wondering why immigrants are taking our jobs. Because they are more educated and qualified for these jobs! They took their education seriously. Sure, you don't need a college degree to be important, but at least take advantage of every opportunity handed to you and strive to be the best you can be with whatever you find yourself in. By slacking off, being disrespectful, and making a fool of yourself, you're wasting your time, the teacher's time, and wasting resources and opportunities. You may not go to the best school, but that doesn't mean you can't learn ANYTHING from it.?

Kitty Lissiegirl, Youtube 8 Comments [10/30/2017 7:48:44 AM]
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So education should only be for rich kids? Eff you.

10/30/2017 8:49:01 AM


Fine. Kids can do the same job as their parents, without schooling. I'm really looking forward to my appointment with a home-skooled dentist.

10/30/2017 9:03:51 AM


I suspect Kitty would be in for a nasty surprise if access to education was dependent on either of those factors.

10/30/2017 9:59:08 AM


So you want the majority of people to be poor and stupid so the super smart immigrants can take their jobs or....COULD YOU PLEASE MAKE YOUR POINT BETTER (as stupid as it is)?

10/30/2017 11:44:17 AM

Dr. Razark

Of course, back then, we were an agrarian society, so you better get your ass out in that field and start harvesting.

10/30/2017 12:11:38 PM


And your solution is to educate less people?! You practically need a college degree to get an entry level job nowadays.

10/30/2017 3:05:48 PM


Working at the same jobs their parents worked in. They didn't have a choice or future.

Wait, wait, wait......she's saying that's a GOOD thing?

10/30/2017 3:16:12 PM


Americans are wondering why immigrants are taking our jobs

You clearly don't wonder enough.

Perhaps because you didn't go to school: or - because you were forced to via mandatory education laws - you didn't learn anything whilst 'chained' to that desk.

Otherwise, you would have voted for Hillary Clinton last year.

Her previous president kept jobs for Americans in Detroit.

10/30/2017 5:01:58 PM

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