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The butches hate men because they know they will always be less men than real men. What makes them hate men even more is men have an easier time getting pretty girls. (Remember, homosexuals secretly desire young attractive heterosexuals of the same sex).

libh8er, Free Republic 6 Comments [10/22/2017 11:03:10 AM]
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Excuse me? Why should I desire young heterosexuals which will never reciprocate my advances? ... oh. I see. The old "homosexuals want to recruit heterosexuals" and "homosexuality is equal to pedophilia" chestnuts rolled into one! How subtle of you. You know, quite a few heterosexual men desire these "butches" because somehow they love the idea of "girl on girl". Problem is of course that in reality lesbians wouldn't find them attractive. So it's actually the exact opposite from what you are trying to tell us here. I think you are projecting your own desires onto homosexuals and can't even be honest about it. That's just pitifull.

10/22/2017 11:12:31 AM


Yes, very, very secretly and you know all about it how exactly?

10/22/2017 11:47:17 AM


"Remember, homosexuals secretly desire young attractive [people] of the same sex"


10/22/2017 5:07:18 PM

Churchy LaFemme

" homosexuals secretly desire"

Your own desires do not apply to an entire group. Oh, you weren't talking about yourself? Then how do you know what anyone else "secretly desires?"

10/22/2017 5:57:00 PM


Uh? I don't hate men. I'm just not attracted to them. Of course, some men take that as being hated for some reason.

10/22/2017 6:16:16 PM

"(Remember, homosexuals secretly desire young attractive heterosexuals of the same sex)."

Quite possibly. And heterosexuals likely secretly desire attractive homosexuals of the opposite sex. Your point?

10/23/2017 10:37:35 AM

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