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What are they going to investigate, that the coach tries to unite players in something that’s good for them players morally and spiritually ??

These Atheist group I just showing their rebellion against God by trying to keep people from acknowledging God in public, it just gnaws at their rebellion to the point they can’t stand it.

They can try to silence Christians but they can’t stop God’s plan.

Pat Mantilla, Facebook 9 Comments [10/10/2017 10:17:22 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie

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Against which god? There are like hundreds of them? Oh you mean Yahweh, right? Well prove that he is real and is the one and only god (don't use the bible because some bible verses said that there are more then one god).

10/10/2017 10:30:03 AM

Yet when us nonChristians try to, you silence us. That is what they get at. Also acknowledging god in public? I guess you are rebelling against Matthew 6:5

10/10/2017 10:32:39 AM


Tell me how you feel about people acknowledging Allah in public. Does it just gnaw at your rebellion?

10/10/2017 5:35:48 PM


How would you feel if they said a prayer to the Roman goddess Fortuna?

10/10/2017 6:55:30 PM


I've been looking to rebel against god for years, if only I could find him. I saw burning bush once but it was a false alarm.

10/11/2017 7:07:55 AM


Why rebel against imaginary beings? Do you often rebel against Ganesha, Paddy?

10/11/2017 7:14:48 AM


It's demonstrably NOT "good for them players morally and spiritually"
No matter how many times you claim it.
People raised in Christianity ARE NOT better than others. The U.S. is the acid test of that.

10/12/2017 4:14:13 AM


At the regular season game at Wembley Stadium here in Britain, the Ravens & Jaguars stood for "God Save the Queen". I - an Atheist - fully support them in this part of their protest. As do their coaches: and the NFL.

PROTIP: A certain 'War of Independence'. As King George III was then, so is Queen Elizabeth II today: head of the Church of England. Like I say: those American players stood for her anthem, and our flag.

Enjoy your MC Escher-esque multi-dimensional paradox.

10/12/2017 7:39:05 AM

Philbert McAdamia

silence Christians

Oh, stop it, Pat, you're getting me excited.

10/12/2017 10:32:09 AM

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