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(For context, this post is in response to a cis/not trans poster saying the original poster's post, which said that all cis people should apologize to trans people for "systematic transphobia", was wrong because not all cis people are transphobic)

And I get that. But no matter how "usually liberal and inclusive" you are in your "run-ins" with trans people, supporting trans equity and trans rights includes understanding that sometimes trans people get frustrated with cis people and it means not immediately dismissing our concerns with a #notallcis argument. I'm sure you're actually a great person. And I'm not here to judge you, condemn you, or come for you in any way.

In fact I really appreciate cis people who support our work. But the fact is our work is uncomfortable and difficult and we can't do our work if we're also constantly trying to coddle cis people's fragility and not "alienate" or otherwise discomfit cis people.

ohanothatransgirll, r/asktransgender 6 Comments [10/8/2017 12:23:47 PM]
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Speak for yourself, I seem to be perfectly able to achieve just that. Maybe the secret is me seeing cisfolk as individuals instead of a mass of oppresing shoggoth? Who knows.

10/8/2017 12:39:11 PM


One of the reasons I think that the left-right dichotomy is worthless is that the similarity between this OP and a Stormfronter is more than "they're both extremists."

If I had to put a label on it, it's that they are both "collectivists" instead of "individualists." Using the counterargument of "not all cis/trans people are like that" is irrelevant from a collectivist point of view. Guilt by association is real, normal, and good.

The fact that they see uncertainty and nuance as signs of weakness is another similarity, but that's less a side-effect of them being super-left and super-right and more a cause.

10/8/2017 2:44:04 PM

Shepard Solus

10/8/2017 4:35:21 PM

The Angry Dybbuk

People who are interested in getting things done at speed don't alienate their supporters, you dithering idiot. Fuck no, I will not apologise for being cis and thus somehow in league with those who actively oppose transpeople when I'm pretty much right in for the opposite.

My debts are significant enough there is no way I'm taking on more than I owe because frank speech might offend someone. People accidentally offend the shit out of each other all the time. The problem - the visage of the oppressor - is found in people who offer deliberate affronts designed to 'put you in your place.' It's that sort of person whom everyone, including - maybe especially - his or her allies, needs to worry about and watch.

10/8/2017 4:52:42 PM


Maybe instead of wasting your time and energy defending your stupid generalizations from the people who (rightly) get pissed off with them, you should just stop making stupid generalizations. Focus your goddamn effort into something that actually pushes the cause forward instead.

If you need a place to vent, get a diary.

10/8/2017 9:32:04 PM

Dizzy Dream

James, we already know that you're too ignorant to know anything about chromosome. And that the sex on the birth certificate is classified as one's legal sex based on whether 'Mr Winky' is between the legs. Now please go away so we can redirect our irritation at the OP and their generalisations.

10/8/2017 11:37:22 PM

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