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I want to fuck my dead sisters corpse while my mom watches and masturbates to it and her Chad lover is on the floor convulsing and screaming that he doesn't want this kind of life

IncelTears, does this make me:

a) a narcissist

b) a loser

c) a troll

If you said c) a troll, would you argue that my motivation is:

a) seeking attention

b) raising awareness

c) telling the truth in the way that sounds too outrageous for people to believe it because on some level deep down inside i care what you think of me and I still believe I have a chance to receive Porgy's nudes like dannymason allegedly did

If you are tempted to say "all of the above" to any of these, remember this isn't askreddit and you're too retarded to be an armchair psychologist

Alia_Harkonnen, /r/incels 13 Comments [8/26/2017 2:36:46 AM]
Fundie Index: 12
Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep

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C and A please be C and A.

8/26/2017 2:40:18 AM

Pharaoh Bastethotep

I have no idea what kind of perverse creature you are, but I am sure of one thing:

Your fantasy is extremely sick and disturbed.

I really hate those Lecter wannabes and their psychopathetic mindgames. For a particularly obnoxious offender, see cantfightnature.

8/26/2017 2:43:18 AM


Well that's a "good" start, but I'm so jaded about that kind of stuff, that in order to really squick me out you're gonna have to go into more detail than that.

8/26/2017 3:57:08 AM

Phil O'Macedon

All of this basically makes you a candidate for the whacko ward.

8/26/2017 4:35:01 AM


You are a psychopath.

8/26/2017 4:36:50 AM

The answer is D, trying to make yourself relevant to anyone through audacity because thinking nobody can stomach what runs through your mind gives you the terrible misconception that society is so weak that if you ever found the nerve to act on your fantasies nobody would be able to stop you and they'd talk about you for years after your death.

8/26/2017 4:49:49 AM

The Crimson Ghost

I'll take B for $500, Alex. You're a loser because you can't even troll properly. You're not the slightest bit good at trolling, which makes you a loser, in addition to being a whiner who wastes his time complaining on a subreddit that he can't get laid, when he's not trying & failing to shock people. You've also chosen to use a rather bizarre handle, which makes you believe that it makes you seem mysterious & smart. Frank Herbert would most likely slap you senseless for degrading his work by even mentioning it.

Since I did not use the "all of the above" option, I am most certainly allowed to play armchair psychologist with you. You are a damaged person in every way a person can be measured. There is no hope of curing you, short of taking you out in the back yard behind the garden shed & giving you the Ol' Yeller treatment. You are lazy, entitled & self absorbed. You possess absolutely no empathy, along with lackluster intelligence. I can only speculate as to what your relationship with your mother was like, but I wouldn't be shocked to find out that in your youth, squirrels were turning up decapitated in your neighbors' driveway. You serve no purpose, not even comedy or a cautionary tale. The best possible use for you would be to have you ground up & used as hog feed or pothole filler.

8/26/2017 7:14:55 AM


This makes you d) an immature loser who cannot get any attention by behaving himself, and must resort to juvenile vulgarity in an embarrassingly-obvious attempt to shock.

Motivation: a) seeking attention
Success rate: low

8/26/2017 8:15:32 AM


d) A psychopath who needs to be locked up in a padded cell for the rest of your life.

8/26/2017 8:21:19 AM



8/26/2017 8:47:11 AM

Gabriel LaVedier

Are you kidding me? I've read almost all the works of Bronystories. He wrote earnestly about a racist stallion drowning a pregnant gypsy mare in her own wagon while she sang to her fetus.

Come back when you have nuance.

8/26/2017 9:57:25 AM


WELL! The OP certainly lives up to his "surname".

8/26/2017 10:56:23 AM

Hi Mr. Cotton, out of he'll again I see.

8/28/2017 7:40:32 PM

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