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A practitioner had a terrible dream that felt very real. He woke up horrified. “Please help record my dream,” he said, “to alert practitioners who are still making mistakes regarding the attachment of lust.” Below is his recollection.

In the dream, I was among a group of practitioners, but none of us knew each other. One of them said, “We will reach Consummation the day after tomorrow.”

After that, I saw that their complexions and bodies become very beautiful and young. I also carefully looked at my own feet and found that they were different from before. At this time, another dimension appeared. I saw a dark house that contained many practitioners, but they had not cultivated well. I also saw a very bright house in which people lived carefree, easy lives and had everything they wanted. The scenery was extremely beautiful and sacred. It appeared that everyone there had completed their cultivation.

However, I felt that I was not up to the standard for staying in that house, so I moved on to look for my place. I saw a crowd of practitioners all waiting for the Grand Judgment that would determine their destinations. Suddenly, from the sky descended a large metal plate with iron chains on both sides. I knew that everyone had to stand on this plate and await their destinations.

I saw a practitioner stand on the plate. The plate moved slowly and then tipped over, and he fell into a pond. There were three such ponds of equal size. One was for cultivators who had committed financial sins out of greed. The second was the pond of lust, which was filled with snakes, insects, and fire. A lot of practitioners fell into this pond, one after another. The third pond was full of black water, with the people inside wailing loudly.

It was my turn to get on the plate. The plate stopped over the pond of lust, and I fell into it. I panicked and did not want to live any longer. I felt a snake bite me and, I was in extreme agony. I could not die and had to experience that agony over and over again. I saw one practitioner after another fall in.

I woke up suddenly and was filled with a fear that I could not shake off. I knew that I did not cultivate well and had committed the sin of lust. I was filled with extreme regret!

I remembered that a practitioner and I talked about the attachment of lust some time ago. I had not realized that the issue was so serious. I started paying attention to it and began to study the Fa more and send righteous thoughts more often. My cultivation state improved.

However, I slacked off again recently. Master did not give up on me, so he used this dream to tell me of the horrific consequences if I cannot complete my cultivation.

There really is not much time left, so I've made up my mind to correct myself and cultivate away all attachments, especially the attachment of lust.

Unknown author, Minghui 0 Comments [8/13/2017 8:50:21 AM]
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