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One is punishing for past crimes, not trying to predict the future. One is preventing recidivism in the most reliable way, by death. Start the count at the real age of adulthood, 14. No violent repeat offender makes it to 18, and the start of their busy period of crime. Any deterrence is incidental and an added benefit.

Because each conviction has to stand in for an average of 10 other crimes, by the time one gets to 3, one knows the defendant is a bad guy. His innocence of the third crime is not a problem, because ha has committed many hundreds of crimes.

Supremacy Claus, Sentencing Law and Policy 3 Comments [7/30/2017 1:02:14 PM]
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Some Christian Anon

So if I accuse you of kicking my dog, the court can execute you, right? Innocence doesn't matter, only punishing potential lawbreakers, right? Or does this only apply when it benefits YOU?

7/31/2017 5:37:28 PM

The Angry Dybbuk

May you be judged in a court of your own making, and by the laws you support.

May yours be a hidden and humble grave, someday, marked with your name despite that being a mercy you likely don't deserve and would never extend.

Let your progeny, to the tenth generation, know about and learn from your shame.

May your time in Gehenna be as long as every crime you did - and, by the edicts of your own law, pay for the crimes of a few others as well.

May you see yourself through the eyes of every individual who crossed your path in life. May your trip to that peace in the world to come require that you walk through searing flames that scorch your cruelty and your pride.

Beyond that, the age of account in Israel was not 14; it was 20 (Numbers 14:26-30). That would also be around the time men could be taken as soldiers.

And not for another ten years, at the age of 30, could priests enter service (Numbers 4:3). This is likely the reason Jesus'own ministry began when he was 30 years of age.

People are not children at 14, but they're not fully developed and they lack the life experience of adults. Stealing what wonder remains to them, so long as they act decently, is a crime; it's theft.

You're an ignorant man, SC, and though the laws warn that in cursing another, the perpetrator should be cursed, it is my most solemn plea that you either gain wisdom or else wither on the vine.

7/31/2017 10:58:12 PM

Even in the confines of your own twisted reasoning your math is completely fucked. One conviction stands for ten unproven, possibly non-existent crimes that disregard habeas corpus but by 3 convictions - or should I say accusation because somewhere along the line guilt and innocence cease to matter making the entire concept of the law and courts a farce - that suddenly explodes into hundreds? Yeah there is no way you could pass the BAR legitimately.

7/31/2017 11:07:30 PM

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