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Historically anything Poles did for Jews, Jews took for GRANTED.

Poles ALLOWED Jews into Poland for ONE THOUSAND YEARS when every other nation was kicking them out and what did that get Poland? Hint: No good deed goes unpunished.

As long as you have Jewish Poland-Haters in media like the Anti-Polish New York Times or the anti-Polish Washington Post writing hit pieces on Poland, I say why do Jews and Poles even bother with each other?

The vicious media Anti-Polish Bigot Richard Cohen went crazy quoting the anti-Polish "Goebels" of Anti-Polish Hate propaganda Mr. Poland-Hater himself, Jan Gross, in Cohen's latest Hate piece on Poland recently.

Why should Poles do anything good for Jews when if they do 9 good things for Jews but ONE BAD thing, the anti-Polish Bigots at the New York Times and the Washington Post will only put a MICROSCOPE on the one bad thing the Poles did to Jews. And of course they will portray the Jews as eternal angels. Their simple media formula is "Poles are always BAD" and "Jews are always GOOD".

In Poland all Poles do is walk around on pins and needles when around Jews since they know at ANY minute, if a Jewish guy is having a bad day, and gets into an argument with a Polish guy, the Jewish guy will RUN to call a New York Times reporter or Poland-Hater at the Washington Post like Anti-Polish Bigot Richard Cohen and scream to him about ALL THE ANTI-SEMITISM he is seeing in Poland, like the "historical anti-semitism" the New York Times and Washington Post talk about. And how those "Polish death camps" Richard Cohen talks about had to be real blah blah blah blah

And with all the anti-Polish propaganda pumped into the minds of Jews by the New York Times, Washington Post and other anti-Polish media, WHY would Jews be crazy enough to want to LIVE in Poland today or be by Poles when according to the media anti-Polish Bigots the Poles are "gonna getcha" at any moment.

MediaWatch, Polish Forums 4 Comments [7/16/2017 11:36:30 PM]
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Poles ALLOWED Jews into Poland

Because they were Polish. You can be Polish, whether you are catholic or not. They lived there for centuries, peacefully, with the rest of the population, so they were Polish.

And yes, right now, Poland is not in a good place, notably thanks to the christian fundies vying for power. Part of their play for power is finding scapegoats. Jews are just one of the most usual and most convenient.

7/17/2017 1:02:47 AM


Paging Skidie! We need an ass-kicking delivered here!

This'll be right up her alley... :P

7/17/2017 2:49:44 AM


Paging Skidie...

7/18/2017 11:35:37 AM


Those Jews were... Polish citizens as much as anyone else. Now lets get down to buisness, as a resident pole: First, second republic whence existed the large and colourful jewish minority was a xenophobic shithole for any non-catholics and the bench ghettos at universities and awful discrimantion, persistent even amongst the highest strata of society was all too common. Then came the war and the nazi accupation during which actually most poles felt enough solidarity with our minority members to hide them out even at the cost of their own lives(though there were always snitches of course) and then most of the jewish minority was gone either due to the nazi violence or to emigration to their newfound country. We like to present a false picture where we were always friends to the jewish community but it was hardly so, except for the war. Now, there is a minority of poles to which I proudly subscribe who try to be as best friends to any and all semitic people but it`s a real minority and even to this day the anti-semitism in the old country is almost palpatable at every step.

So in tl;dr: Bullshit.

7/18/2017 11:37:55 AM

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