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Libertarian Fascism is only an oxy-moron if you're not good enough at Doublethink.

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[responding to a video about anarcho fascism]

Libertarian fascism is the logical conclusion to a coercive state being replaced by property-rights focused private microstates. Degeneracy can not survive without state aid and hence free market incentives and economic natural selection will lead to the development of fascist-esque covenant communities. Libertarian fascism is only an oxy-moron if you base all ideological discussion on the political compass and disregard any deeper narrative.?


If you don't pump out babies and pass on your genes future generations will have less of your qualities. This means that in a free society most people would be productive, neurotypical and heterosexual since those qualities would be encouraged if the only way you can provide for yourself is through hard work and there is no welfare state you can leech off of. It would also be impossible for more fertile races to have 10 children without consequences leading to whites prospering. Both homosexuality, single motherhood, marxism and multiculturalism is upheld through state subsidies, they are concept that can only exist by stealing from the white productive classes through taxes, that is the reason these concept couldn't survive pre-welfare state. Personally I have no idea what kind of rules a free society would have. Property owners would have to try several different types of systems and whatever private microstate doesn't go bankrupt in the free market would be the ideal one. Personally however I would prefer to live in a microstate that deported democrats, marxists and other degenerates since such a microstate would most likely prosper.?

BansheeBomb, Youtube 12 Comments [7/18/2017 9:35:54 AM]
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Never met a descriptive political phrase that you didn't like, right?

If you don't learn to express yourself clearly without resorting to a poly sci textbook, your ideas, such as they are, will be lost in the background noise. I'm going to assume this post has been edited from a larger work because your conclusions are racist without any explanation why that should be true.

BTW, our current population of homosexuals came from heterosexual coupling. You seem to assume that evolution would remove some postulated "gay gene", but we can see that obviously is untrue. Actually, homosexual couples who do not produce children would be beneficial to any tax-collecting society.

7/18/2017 10:22:37 AM


"I would prefer to live in a microstate"

You belive in microstates, but think macrostates are impossible?

7/18/2017 10:33:00 AM


Such a state would eat itself, and has. Think of your worst old west town, think of gold rush towns that run out of gold, think of the town that starved out due to cattle barons, oil barons and modern day town destroyed by unchecked industry. Think of the French Revolution where they freed themselves from tyranny only to have Republicans claim that was bad.

That's your Libertarian paradise.

7/18/2017 10:54:11 AM

Pharaoh Bastethotep


7/18/2017 10:55:59 AM

Mister Spak

"Personally however I would prefer to live in a microstate that deported democrats, marxists and other degenerates since such a microstate would most likely prosper.?"

Except red states are welfare hogs living off the taxpayers of democratic Marxist blue states, so have fun in your third world hellholeistan.

7/18/2017 11:07:09 AM


So much shit, so much shit. Debunking this crap properly would be the equivalent of silver surfer the game.

7/18/2017 12:12:41 PM


Well, it could work... if everyone had the exact same philosophy of enlightened self-interest and followed it religiously and there were no major market disruptions ever. So not a chance.

7/18/2017 3:01:43 PM


I would prefer to live in a microstate

Although I'm wont to say 'Don't read/watch "XYZ" if you know what's good for you', but in this case I suggest you do watch the Ealing Comedy film "Passport to Pimlico" if you know what's good for you.

It's what I refer to as a 'What If' film. Unlike, say, "The Final Countdown", while "P2P" is set during WWII, in a way, it's Sci-Fi; that being the literature of ideas.

And even those in a microstate: in this case part of London is still legally part of Burgundy, and thus a separate country in Britain, soon learn to regret their idea.

As per Pimlico Council in that film, what would be there to stop the electricity, gas, water etc being cut off: truly leaving you separate...?!

The Amish cut themselves off from the 'English' world of their own free will. And as genetic mutations are already appearing in that not so microstate within a state - Anaemia, Dwarfism, Downs etc - then you too would succumb to worse-than degeneracy: Sterility, as your even more limited gene pool is weakened by chromosomal degeneration.

...but hey, if you already subhumans want to further render yourselves extinct, who are we - in the rest of the so-called 'Degenerate', but genetically strengthening Cultural Marxist world - to stop you...?!

7/18/2017 3:08:24 PM


As I have said before, I live in rural Arkansas. There's a whole bunch of red state people here right now who are quite upset about the cuts to their foodstamps and Medicaid. They are poor folks who voted Republican , I believe, because they thought all that entitlement stoppage talk meant inner city black people, not them. Oh well.

7/18/2017 4:35:22 PM

Demon Duck of Doom

You think anarcho-fascism is bad, you should check out anarcho-monarchism.

7/18/2017 11:53:27 PM


By "libertarian fascism", do you means replacing a big fuehrer by 10,000 little ones?

7/19/2017 2:36:13 AM

Pharaoh Bastethotep

"Libertarian Fascism" makes even less sense than it may seem on the first glance because Fascism was a reaction to her precious "microstates" in the first place!
For moth of their history, both Italy and Germany consisted of many small realms, leading to many inconveniences for travel and trade, as well as wars. Only with Napoleon did a national identity arise, and even then, it took several decades for the political unification to happen - indeed, to the Fascists and the Nazis, the unification of their respective nation was more recent than the end of WWII is to us by slightly more than one decade.
People hated the "Kleinstaaterei". They craved unity. And under Fascism, that became "Ein Reich! Ein Volk! Ein Führer!"

7/19/2017 3:21:28 AM

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