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That is because Europeans avoid the sun these day's. Benjamin Bigot. Franklin, liked to call German's swarthy, because they did alot of agricultural work.

My Grandma, first year she spent fall-winter in Florida, spent too much time gardening outside. She came back with burnt bronze skin color(the jokes, "did Grandpa get a divorce and marry a Puerto Rican?lmao). She is damn near straight German, blue eye's.

Also, Jesus eye's are described as being the color of "pure flame". Pure flame, has recently been discovered to be blue. When all impurities are removed, fire is naturally blue.

It goes back to Second Adam and Eve and their Battle against Satan, where God, after Adam questions God if he is really Satan all along, makes Satan appear in his true form and God makes it clear "he ain't black".

Yes, Satan is a black man, and father of the black race/species. That is why they are obsessed with trying to claim the lineage of Noah's offspring.

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 0 Comments [7/14/2017 7:28:17 AM]
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