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While no American, legal resident, or foreigner is above the laws of our land, we ask that President Trump sign an executive order mandating that cities and counties, "sanctuary" or not, obey and enforce all existing federal laws, including any and all laws that pertain to immigration and fall under the jurisdiction of the Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

J.M., We the People: White House Petitions 4 Comments [7/12/2017 8:45:52 PM]
Fundie Index: -1
Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom

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Sounds more like liquidation.

7/13/2017 2:09:26 AM

^ I am so glad California's cities are resisting the Schutzstaffel at every step.

7/13/2017 1:06:53 PM

Demon Duck of Doom

If anything, the states aren't doing enough to stop the ICE jackbooted thugs.

7/13/2017 1:24:01 PM


Immigration and Customs Enforcement


Donald Fart can start with himself, then.

Followed by the ghettoisation - and the subsequent liquidation - of all those who support this Enemy of the US; domestic.

7/13/2017 1:58:58 PM

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