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Fox News made a huge blunder during the September 22nd, 2011 GOP debate in Orlando. The moderators claimed that there are no scientists questioning the safety of Gardasil, and that Bachmann was "going too far" by citing a woman whose daughter alleged the drug caused mental retardation.

Fox News should have paid more attention to the scientists in Lisa A. Bastian's report in Celebrate Life Magazine's November-December 2009 issue. In all honesty, if Fox News wanted to criticize Bachmann, they should have ignored the corrupt FDA and CDC's rush-to-judgment and siding with gay lobbies entirely. They should have accused her of not going far enough.

Over 47 poorly-researched deaths and 147 cases of sudden miscarriage plus the term "Gardasil Girl" arising in the culture ought to be raising a lot more suspicion. It isn't; because drugs that protect from diseases brought on by perverted sex acts are automatically sacred cows to the MTV culture, dead girls be damned.

No doubt, NAMBLA is watching this whole thing unfold with fiendish delight/intent; the likes of which not even Jerry Sandusky could be accused of.

(BTW, Dozerfleet is David Steifel. This comes from a wiki where he writes about his own media company, also called Dozerfleet, that does not actually exist.)

Dozerfleet, Something Awful 11 Comments [6/27/2017 1:45:19 AM]
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I am sure Josh Duggar watches it too

6/27/2017 3:06:07 AM


Give David the Stiefel*!

*german for 'boot'

6/27/2017 3:17:55 AM

What the fuck does Nambla have to do with this? Did you just use that term because it's supposed to be big and scary?

6/27/2017 5:32:35 AM

Doubting Thomas

Lisa A. Bastian's report in Celebrate Life Magazine's November-December 2009 issue.

Why do I get the feeling that a magazine titled "Celebrate Life" is not going to be a totally impartial source?

And WTF does NAMBLA have to do with this?

6/27/2017 6:15:52 AM

Mister Spak

6/27/2017 6:34:25 AM



Bit of a non-sequitur, eh Dozy?!

6/27/2017 6:57:50 AM


So... gays and pedophiles (same thing) want to make everyone else gay by causing girls to have miscarriages via sketchy vaccinations? That's what I'm getting from this, anyway, based on all the other nonsense the OP blathers about.

6/27/2017 10:46:51 AM

Kid Cthulhu

Ah Gardasil, the HPV vaccine that also lowers chances of women getting cervical cancer. OF COURSE the Fundies want to demonize it!

I've never heard "Gardasil Girl" as a buzzword before. Probably as fictitious as the "47 poorly researched deaths" or the "147 cases of sudden miscarriage".

Can this crowd get any more anti-woman? Wait, don't answer that; we all know the answer.

6/28/2017 4:09:37 AM


Shouldn't Gardasil be administered BEFORE the sexual debut to be most effective? How then can it cause miscarriages? It's only the antibodies to the virus that stays in the body, not the drug itself.

According to Wikipedia:

As of April 2014, more than 170 million doses of Gardasil had been distributed worldwide.[...] More than twenty women who received the Gardasil vaccine have died, but these deaths have not been causally connected to the shot, as correlation does not imply causation.

It's a bit unclear, as they compare different years, but the vaccine might save hundred-thousand women from dying of cancer per year. 20-47 poorly researched deaths, against saving hundred-thousand women from dying, per year since 2006... That seems like the vaccine is "winning".

The supposed connection with gay lobbies and NAMBLA is just ridiculous. Gays (assuming Dolt-Feet means males) have little or nothing to gain by women not dying of cancer, as far as sexuality goes. Of course, GAYS ARE HUMAN BEINGS and as such have mothers, sisters, cousins, friends and yes; sometimes even daughters, that are women, and the gays probably want these women to stay alive as long as possible, with no sexual motive whatsoever.

Just cause you can only think of human beings as sexual partners, Dolt-Feet, doesn't mean the rest of us do too.

4/9/2019 9:35:56 AM

K'Zad Bhat

So, went to look it up to find out what it was. Let me add on another bit people never seem to remember.

Many diseases are spoken of as sexually transmitted diseases, largely because that was the earliest form of transmission known to the medical community. Most of them are not strictly, or even commonly, sexually transmitted.

Human papillomavirus is one of those. It is not spread simply by sexual fluids, but by any bodily fluid. One of the most common ways to spread is in saliva . . . from sharing food and drinks. Which guess what . . . lots of kids do!

So basically what's going on is that it's been associated with sexual transmission and assholes like this take it to mean that giving these vaccines is preparing kids for promiscuous sex and massive classroom orgies, when it's really protecting these kids from the chips and soda they're going to share with their friends, and their relatives. After all, drinking from my parents' cups is why I have oral herpes, with my earliest cold sores showing up early in elementary school, before ever kissing anyone.

It's the same thing with almost every other STD. Sex may or may not be commonly involved in transmission, but basically they get called sexually transmitted if that's even one way it can be.

4/10/2019 1:27:33 AM


Thanks for the info folks, I just know if Bachmann brought it up it was probably fundie conspiracy bullshit.

The big surprise though is the GOP dissing anything born of Big Pharma, one of their sacred supporters.

4/14/2019 12:37:03 PM

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