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[On why three massive quasars/supermassive black holes that are much younger than cosmologists predict should be possible, have been observed to exist]

You need to read the Hebrew text of the Bible in Genesis 1:1-31, Proverbs 8:22-31' and John 1:1-5. I have been deep into this since 1987 and what the writers said fits perfectly with your finds. I have it illustrated on my Website so if you are really interested, you will go there and seewhat the writers ofthe Bible said 3500-2000 years ago. They were God inspired. [hyperlink to his website removed]

dusty55art, Phys.org 11 Comments [5/18/2017 11:08:16 PM]
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Whenever I see that, I think of it as 'Adverbs'.

And it still is a good question: Is there any topic where we used to have a scientific explanation that was replaced by a religious explanation because that was better?

5/19/2017 1:54:29 AM


The Bible speaks about quasars and black holes?
I thought it was rather nonsense about "pillars of the Earth", "firmament", light was created a couple of days before the stars, and calling the Moon a light (it's just a reflection of light).

You have to help me here, dusty; which of all these verses speak about the quasar? I've glanced through them, and it's all just very vague creation stories, that all religions and mythologies have, nothing special or specific about them at all.

5/19/2017 2:23:57 AM


2700 is the oldest book of the bible, if you go back further you get Babylonian or Sumerian, NOT the same though some have been copied.
At least he didn't claim 6000 years like others have.

5/19/2017 3:59:26 AM

Token Atheist

John 1? Hebrew? Does not compute, nor does it say a damn thing about when anything was made, only who made it.

5/19/2017 6:06:30 AM

Mister Spak

The quasars are 5 billon years old instead of 10, just like the bible says.

5/19/2017 6:14:07 AM


Show us in the Bible - Greek, Hebrew or Aramaic - where is says the word Pulsar: verbatim.

(*Crickets chirp*)

...thought not. 3500 years ago =/= 21st Century. Give that obsolete book of fairytales of yours a complete rewriting & update - where it even includes mention of Blu-Ray players: verbatim - then we'll talk.

5/19/2017 7:31:08 AM


God failed to supply images, diagrams, charts, or numerical values. God also omitted to show his calculations.

5/19/2017 8:37:07 AM

Doubting Thomas

Once again, yet another religious nutter trying to shoehorn modern science into their religion.

5/19/2017 10:45:45 AM

Shepard Solus

The moment anyone says "you need to read the bible" to explain a non-biblical subject, whatever they've said is wrong. There's simply no possibility of the alternative. It's an admission of ignorance.

5/19/2017 11:22:54 AM


Only look at the evidence that agrees with you.

5/19/2017 11:40:49 AM


This is just one of many stupid comments on that article, many of which are made by Dingbone and Chris_Reeve who seem to be in denial about the increasing rate of expansion of the universe. They also downplay the importance of math and physics in doing cosmology (and astrophysics) and seem to imply that 'the truth' is being hidden.

Additionally, Chris fails to make a distinction between the discussion of a topic by experts and laymen, as he is suggesting that discussion by those with no experience should be given the same weight as the research of experts. He thinks mathematics and physics is just unnecessary baggage when discussing, well... math and physics. He seems to imply that math is only used to keep non-experts out.

Then there is HannesAlfven, with an inflated ego, the need to name his wonky ideas after himself, lots of tl;dr, and he essentially refers to himself in the third person by quoting himself.

5/19/2017 12:58:42 PM

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