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Now that I'm out for the summer and free to work on FSTDT more or less full time, we need to get down to srs bisness on several things. (And, yes, I know this is going to be long and a lot to read, but please try to read it anyway, and please contribute if you feel like it!)

As I've said before, I'm not going to make any further changes to the current server-side codebase unless it is an emergency (since it will all be for naught come Novemberish); however, there are still lots of things that can be done — and some that need to be done — that don't involve messing with the server-side code and will be incorporated into both the current site and the new one. And that's what I want us to talk and discuss in this post, that way when I work on them, I'll make something you guys are happy with! Since there are only four main points I want to tackle right now, I think we can discuss and work out all of them at the same time without the thread descending into madness.

First item of bisness

We need to decide what we want to put in the Friends of FSTDT section. I'm going to resurrect it and put it back up sometime this week after we decide on what should go there, so somments and suggestions plz. Rational Wiki, ReligiousTolerance.org, We Hunted the Mammoth, The Friendly Atheist, Southern Poverty Law Center, and The Skeptic's Annotated Bible are givens. Any other obvious ones I forgot? Not so obvious ones?

Wonkette is another site I want to add that wasn't on the old list, and one that I think that most people will agree on. But I'll of course scratch that if I'm wrong and the majority of you disagree about including it.

I'm also on the fence about adding Feministing, because I feel like we need something more informative and substantial than We Hunted the Mammoth to counter the cretins in SSTDT. Feministing is overall sane: they're anti-TERF, sex-positive, and generally believe males can be feminists. Every now and then, though, their articles straddle the fence between "The overwhelming majority of reasonable, educated people would agree with this" and what I'd describe as "A lot of people would see this as alarmist and overly sensitive, but it's understandable to me and not really fundie either way." (But if I'm wrong on that and you have examples of brazen fundieness there, please correct me!) What do you guys think?

Additionally, to counter Tumblrinas, Tumblritos, and SJWs, I also want something social-justice related that is sane and informative for people who don't understand what social justice means and encompasses. Basically something that shows there's a line between social-justice advocates and crazy-ass self-professed "social-justice warriors." Unfortunately, I don't really know of a good site along those lines. Any of you guys know one? (Or think this is a bad idea?)

I also wanna add the ASPCA and American Humane Society (plus their counterparts across the pond — and perhaps the other countries in the Anglosphere), but that's me getting on my own off-topic soapbox, so I won't do that unless a very large majority of you agree it's okay. I'd also group all those links into a drop-down menu if there are several. That will be very easy to do since I'm going to be coding the list of Friends of FSTDT links as a proper HTML list and using CSS to style it so it looks like other | groups | of | links | on | the | site.

(I might also work on doing the same for the top navbar sometime this week, but that's another topic.)

Second and third items of bisness

Second item of business: Right now the "About FSTDT" section link that I added to the right side of the front page is a dummy link. That's because I when I added it I wanted you guys to decide what should go in the "About FSTDT" section and how we should describe ourselves. So any ideas about that? And does anyone want to chip in and write the section once we decide on how to organize and what to put there? (You'll definitely get credit!)

Third item of business: I want to redo the FAQ. There are two things that need to be done. One, we need to work out how to improve what's already there: what needs to be reworded, reordered, otherwise changed, removed, etc. Then we need to decide if here are any new questions and answers we should put there. (A mini-guide on how to format submissions and comments and use YsCodes/BBCodes is already a must.)

Fourth item of bisness

Finally, even though I'm not doing any more feature-work on the current server-side code base, I'm totally open to making changes to the client-side code, i.e. things that can be implemented using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Since most client-side code can be very easily reused, feel free to make lots of suggestions about features and suchlike that can be implemented without messing with the server-side code. (If you have an idea but you're not sure whether it involves messing with server-side or client-side code, just throw it at me, and I'll tell you if it can be done.)


After we get these first four points out of the way, there are a few other similar things that need to be done. But I'm not going to say what yet, because you guys will likely start discussing them beforehand, and then this thread will become more than I can keep up with at one time.

...aaand one last thing, the Shy Says blog that I intended to make to supersede the old SSTDT (Shy Says the Darndest Things!) should finally show up by this weekend at the latest. If by then I'm still having trouble getting the code to run on the VPS I have now, then I will make a temporary BlogSpot account for it until I can work out any problems and get it running on the original code I wrote for it.

Improving FSTDT now, We can do it! 36 Comments [5/14/2017 6:25:45 PM]
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Jocasta McFucken

Here's an idea that might be a good one.

I always feel like a kid in a candy store when I read the comments made here by the regulars on a post I've submitted. They are often witty and hilarious. I always believe the forum area could tie in better with the comment area...example, I created a spot on the forum recently specifically for the Christian News Network fundies. They have a crop of regulars here, and our crop of regulars here seems to have enough interest in discussing them. It did the trick...sort of. A few people signed up for the forum and there's a slow but steady discussion in place over there.

Could we possibly have an extra field when submitting a fundie quote - which would be optional, for those not interested - something like, "forum discussion in progress relating to this post" or something like that, which could maybe generate a little icon that would instantly take people straight over to the forum chat in progress? Just a thought.

5/22/2017 4:35:29 PM


Already responded to Jocasta on the forums way before now. For everyone else, I said this was an excellent idea and would be trivially easy to implement in the new site.

5/25/2017 1:59:03 PM

Pharaoh Bastethotep

Considering the prominence of incels on SSTDT, maybe we should add a counter-incel site to the list, if one can be found?
I'll start the list of potential candidates with Dr. Nerdlove. I've read his book on online dating, and it addresses many mistakes that far more often than not reminded me of /r/incels, including many commmon grievances there.

5/26/2017 2:30:29 AM


Upvoting Snopes now.

5/28/2017 4:50:22 PM


I'm finalizing the FAQ and links list Wednesday. The About section and FAQ are gonna take some more work (though the FAQ is mostly done).

5/29/2017 5:36:01 AM


Somewhat off topic, but there is a handy link to the forums on the header of the FSTDT page, but the counterpart on the forum is either missing or deeply buried in a thread or side page. That or my eyesight is worse then I thought.

5/29/2017 4:35:24 PM


Perhaps it's time to make it so one has to register to comment in FSTDT?

Exhibit A:


The prosecution rests.

As the commenter after this... thing had infected this thread stated, even Stevie Wonder could see it was the Croat Scroat.

Perhaps registration would be a deterrent to the likes of Mary Jane Lick Sick, Conservatroll, Tadpole etc. Their IPs would become easier to target, mayhaps...?

Certainly easier to b&.

A 'Report' facility too...?

5/29/2017 5:14:17 PM


@Mathius_dragoon: You're not blind — there is no such link. Thank you for pointing it out, because that's a pretty damn big oversight. Unfortunately, I can't run both the site and the forums, so I've left the forums up to the powers who be that were there when I took over. To see about getting that fixed, you'll have to message Kradorex on the forums about it or come visit us in the IRC and prod him about it there (...and hang out!).

@Moose-kun: Still not swayed about requiring users to register because we already have a ton of lurkers, and that will only make it worse. (Only about 2% of regular visitors comment or submit quotes, one of the lowest figures I've seen on a site with active comment threads in my experience. Judging by comments and fundie scores, it looks like the number of visitors has dwindled over the past 5 or so years, but after I started collecting statistics, it seems more like the number of lurkers has just increased.) As for reporting comments, I may attach a "report" link that directs to my inbox. The IRC is probably the fastest and easiest way to get in touch with me, but email is a close second.

@Everyone: I will scrapping and rewriting most of the post here (not this comment) today with some new information.

5/30/2017 3:40:39 AM


@SJW Critic, @Anon-e-moose: I'm not going to keep playing Internet Babysitter. Both of you stop. I'm willing to tolerate arguing in the quote threads — even some degree of shitposting — but not in the meta threads. And after a certain point, enough is enough, period. To the Critic in particular, testing my patience is not a good idea if you want to be able to even look at this site anymore, regardless of your IP.

6/3/2017 11:42:37 AM



My apologies for it getting this far: certainly in this thread.

6/3/2017 2:54:21 PM


The Latest Comments feature excludes CSTDT, RSTDT & SSTDT. Can this be changed in the new version?

7/5/2017 5:23:59 PM

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