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Let It Be Known God, Hath No Mercy On Your Souls. Such Scorn and Anger Is To Be Replied With A Just and Brilliant Damning Strike. You Shall Burn Like For Your Heathen Sins Against The Christ, and My Holy Father. Your Maccabre Lust For The Unholy Shall Mark You As Scourge and Spit From Heavens Gate. Redemption nor Repenting Need Not Trouble Your Thoughts For Your Fate Is Sealed. Sealed With a Kiss That Shall Bury Your Infestion of Sin To Lucifer's Chambers Himself. Let Him Deal With His Glorious Burden Himself. I Pity You For The Maelstorm You Are About to Enter Is UnRelenting and The Grace of God Nor Any Divine Intervention Is Denied To You.

Redemption, Cold and Narrow, Gurochan 58 Comments [7/1/2006 12:00:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 3

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WTF? Capitalizing every word? What is with this guy? I also love the interjection of the word 'like' into the third sentence, and the double capitalizing 'UnRelenting' at the end. So, what was he smoking?

7/1/2006 12:57:41 PM


Gurochan might not be the place to be preaching about a god. They'll do nasty things to that god, trust me.

7/1/2006 1:05:59 PM


\"God's\" grace is denied to those who do not understand the proper use of capital letters.

7/1/2006 3:03:47 PM


Wow! If that's just the title, I'd hate to hear how angry the whole essay sounds!

7/1/2006 4:02:50 PM


Why does this read like a fundy ransom note made from newspaper?

If You Ever Want What is Yours, Turn Up in CHURCH on Sunday. NO COPS!

7/1/2006 4:07:10 PM


What have the poor conjuction words done to be undeserving of capitalisation?


I Am A Sanctimonious Moron Who Uses Capitals To Make My Words Seem Like The Voice of The Lord, As Heard In Cool Movies Like The Ten Commandments And Stuff....

7/1/2006 4:09:22 PM


*sigh* You can tell them they're freaks without dragging God into it.

7/1/2006 4:26:54 PM


This guy's shift button must need repairing at least twice a week!

7/1/2006 5:05:55 PM


I bet he capitalised every word so he could make a \"cool\" acronym out of them. From now on he will just say


And everyone will know what he is talking about.

The Grace of God Nor Any Divine Intervention Is Denied To You

Doesn't this mean that we are entitled to both?

7/1/2006 5:13:57 PM


And You Have A Nice Day Too

7/1/2006 5:40:31 PM


he's auditioning for town crier.

7/1/2006 6:20:05 PM

Napoleon the Clown

There's only one \"c\" in macabre.

Further proof that the Fundie God is a Greaty and Mighty Asshole.

7/1/2006 7:41:31 PM


Let It Be Known That You Are Not Supposed To Capitalize Every Word In A Sentence.

Well, at least he's honest about God being a merciless bastard.

7/1/2006 9:17:10 PM

Dante's Virgil

Get out of the 1700s, dumbass. That was the last time people over-capitalized their words, and even then they stuck to capitalizing the NOUNS.

I hope there's a special circle of hell for grammar abusers.

7/2/2006 2:57:18 AM


Hey, Redemption, You're Using Up The World's Supply Of Capitals, Please Stop. What Did The English Language Ever Do To You?

7/2/2006 3:19:02 AM


Yikes, I went over to that Gurochan site...that's some sick shit up in there. That said, I'm not really sure what this nonsense is supposed to accomplish.

7/2/2006 3:38:25 AM


it is a crock of that which enables plant growth and it is very strong such that few can stand it!


7/2/2006 3:41:18 AM


Ugh, dude, who was surfing Gurochan, anyway?

7/2/2006 3:44:36 AM


<<< That was the last time people over-capitalized their words, and even then they stuck to capitalizing the NOUNS. >>>

The German language still does that.

7/2/2006 5:29:47 AM


Ugh, dude, who was surfing Gurochan, anyway?

My sentiments exactly.

7/2/2006 8:50:57 AM


\"By The Foetid Breath Of Dogar And Kazon!\"

7/2/2006 9:35:19 AM


Maybe they think that Capitalising Every Word Makes Themself Look More Important?

Hmmm... nope. Just looks stupid.

That aside I think I've finally found something that scares me more than fundies... I need brain-bleach after glancing at that site.

7/2/2006 2:16:43 PM


Dante's Virgil

\"I hope there's a special circle of hell for grammar abusers.\"

Exactly. It's not even the average stuff, people make mistakes all of the time, it's these dorks who think that there are no rules to writing and their 'thing' is cool. Well it ain't cool. It's annoying to the rest of us that know the rules and have to read it keeping in mind that the writer's rules are non-existent. It actually takes three times the work to process this information then if they'd just write like they's supposed!

7/3/2006 7:30:48 AM


Somebody take away his \"Shift\" key...

7/3/2006 7:38:51 AM


I wanna patent a keyboard that has an all metal shift key connected to a large capacitor and a sensor for keyboard input and if capitals take up more than 10% of input it starts dicharging at random intervals.

7/3/2006 9:23:06 AM

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