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Western civilization is a consequence of three things: The European nations, Christianity, and the Graeco-Roman legacy of philosophy and law. To restore it, anything and everything that stands in the way of those three things has to go.

The elite narratives that are designed to subvert and undermine the three pillars of the West must be rejected. These include "civil rights", "civic nationalism", "social justice", "equality", and "Judeo-Christianity", "feminism", and "racism".

One of the challenges is that many people who generally support Western civilization nevertheless support one or more of these elite narratives in the misguided opinion that it benefits their identity in the long term. This is why women pursue higher education that leaves them barren because it is "good for women", blacks pursue expansions of the welfare system because it is "good for blacks", Mexicans fight English-only laws because it is "good for Spanish-speakers", Italians and Irish pursue religious pluralism because it is "good for Catholics" and why Jews attempt to change national population demographics because it is "good for the Jews".

In each case, the group's perception of what benefits them is short-sighted, and in the long term, wrong. And, if their objectives stand in the way of what strengthens the European nations, Christianity, and the Graeco-Roman legacy, they have to be defeated, and if necessary, expelled from the West. This is what the Alt-Right ultimately stands for: the survival and restoration of the West. This is what logic, truth, science, and history all dictate. And upon this, everything from Netflix and smartphones and freedom of conscience and the rule of law to the ability to flush toilets in your house ultimately depends.

This is why I don't blink or back down when people call me racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-semitic, or anything else. Because doing so necessarily makes them anti-West, anti-Christian, and anti-White, and I will choose the historical reality of the white Christian West over whatever bizarre, dysfunctional dystopia they imagine will take its place every single time.

Vox Day, Vox Popoli 17 Comments [4/19/2017 9:37:44 AM]
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Mister Spak

Western civilization is a consequence of three things: Liberalism, freedom from religion(more liberalism) and freedom of speech/press(yet more liberalism).

4/19/2017 9:52:08 AM

More bizarro history from Vox. Big surprise.

4/19/2017 10:04:00 AM

The Angry Dybbuk

It always has to be the same obnoxious mix of revisionism and ego with that one. He can't get through one god-damned post without using a fuckload of pseudo-intellectual filler.

The only people satisfied with Ted's offerings are those who already agree with him.

4/19/2017 11:21:33 AM


Teddy, your ass doesn't count as historical reality. Or any kind of reality really.

4/19/2017 11:28:18 AM

What Gandhi said.

4/19/2017 11:37:32 AM


You are aware that the Renaissance was the thing that ended total dominance of Christianity in Europe, right? As Christianity stands in the way of Renaissance, and most of the European nations are more or less non-religious and/or secular, it will have to go, then.

Oh, it's our (least) favorite VD, slithering out of the pondscum again...

Dearie, with your pseudo-posh, "intellectual" language, you are clearly part of "the elite".

Civil rights, social justice, feminism and anti-racism are all much more important parts of Western civilization than a medieval mythology, you silly bint!

What magical component in higher education leaves women, but only women, barren? Why use the word "barren", and not "child-free"? Do YOU have kids, VD? (Horrible thought!) My mother has studied, taught students, held evening-classes and seminars, organized fairs and exhibitions, etc, her whole adult life, so far (she's only 69 years old). She has four children and four grandchildren (the fifth is coming any day). Yup, she's horribly barren, all right...

Cretinists like VD pursue Christian fundeism because "it's good for cretinists".

The alt-right ultimately stand for the removal of all that we consider vital parts of western civilization; equality, human rights and freedoms, higher living standards for all, etc.

Logic, truth, science and history all dictate that we must keep as far away from nationalism, fascism and Nazism as we can.

No, not blinkning or backing down when you're called a massive, disgusting douche-bag makes you a massive, disgusting douche-bag.

We don't have to imagine, nitwit. We've had those bizarre, dysfunctional dystopias several times. Le Pen's France, Franco's Spain, Mussolini's Italy, Pinochet's Chile, Peron's Argentina, Metataxas' Greece. There are so many horrible examples, that there is no need to go Godwin, or point to Putin's Russia.

4/19/2017 11:47:44 AM


We are not "restoring" it because we are not finished with improving it yet. The forces that are improving it include "civil rights", "social justice", "equality", and "feminism". The reason you dislike those things is that they chip away a little bit at the pedestal upon which you've placed yourself, completely without justification.

There is not and has never been "the historical reality of the white Christian West".

4/19/2017 11:48:06 AM

And once again Vox is wrong

4/19/2017 11:49:32 AM

Mister Spak


"Or any kind of reality really."

Alternative reality.


"As Christianity stands in the way of Renaissance, and most of the European nations are more or less non-religious and/or secular, it will have to go, then"

If not for the Renaissance, the 21st century would have been the middle east Islamic third world hellhole vs the European Christian third world hellhole. Or maybe not. Before the scientific revolution, Islam was very slowly winning. After, Islam had its ass kicked for 400 years.

During the 100 years after that it was just irrelevant.

4/19/2017 12:35:12 PM


@Mr Spak

And also several hundred years looting the rest of the world; can't forget that.

4/19/2017 12:56:55 PM

A Felyne

At least he speaks with a vocabulary at a level above the 4th grade. However, that just proves that good vocabularies and ignorance are not mutually exclusive.

*Chases the red dot* Meow

4/19/2017 1:08:57 PM

Alright well if people aren't supposed to be equal than well treat you like the piece of dirt you are.

4/19/2017 5:52:50 PM


This is what logic, truth, science, and history all dictate.

Wow - he used the Oxford comma correctly.

4/20/2017 1:11:15 AM


"Western civilization is a consequence of three things"

And then you fail to mention the enlightenment. Is that on purpose or did it just pass you by?

4/20/2017 1:55:55 AM

Doubting Thomas

Western civilization existed long before Christianity swept through Europe.

4/20/2017 6:37:35 AM


Judeo-Christianity undermines and subverts Christianity? Huh?

4/20/2017 9:46:51 AM


How is speaking Spanish not a part of Western culture?

4/20/2017 7:42:44 PM

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